Dragon Ball Z: 10 Easter Eggs You’ll Only Notice On One Replay

Dragon Ball Z is full of iconic and memorable moments, but there are also little Easter eggs hidden throughout the series.

the Dragon Ball series is one that was literally born on references and easter eggs. The base and main characters of the series were inspired by the classic tale of “Journey to the West”, which makes both Goku and Bulma references to history.

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Of course, this does not end in the continuation of the original. Dragon Ball history, Dragon Ball Z. This more action-focused series features its own supply of references and Easter eggs, just like the beginning of the original series. However, these references are not limited simply to the Dragon Ball series and its established tradition, as Akira Toriyama and his animators also threw small nods to other media.

10 There’s just a dubbed reference to a cult classic movie

which dbz

The references of Dragon Ball Z They are not only relevant to the original vision of the creator of the series. While other countries had in their hands Dragon Ball license and permission to dub their own shots from the series that they went ahead and added their own references that were relevant to them as well.

An example of this is the reference to the 1979 cult classic film, The Warriors. This reference takes place when Cui lands on Namek during his search for Vegeta when he says, “Come out and play!”

9 Paragus’s death resembled Kaori’s death in Akira

death of paragus

While Broly only became canon recently with his movie Dragon Ball Super: BrolyThat was not the only time his presence was felt. His father witnessed this firsthand when Broly became uncontrollable and completely destroyed his father in cold blood.

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His father’s death was crushed and thrown while in a Saiyan capsule, courtesy of Broly. This death scene bears many similarities to Kaori’s death in the highly praised anime film, Akira. However, this scene was, of course, much less graphic.

8 King Kai’s monkey is a reference to Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee

dbz bubbles

Bubbles is a small character in the world of Dragon Ball but it’s actually an icon in the real world. This monkey helped Goku train on King Kai’s little planet, but in the real world, he lived a life of relaxation and luxury.

These real-world comparisons are due to the fact that Bubbles and his name are a great reference to the late pop singer’s pet chimpanzee, Michael Jackson. However, it is doubtful that the actual Bubbles helped Michael train to fight the invading aliens.

7 Two little villains make another appearance

abo and kabo

Many Dragon Ball Fans were super excited when the series made its first big triumphant return in years with the Dragon Ball OVUM, I! Son Goku and his friends return! This short film focused on Goten, Trunks, and Gotenks by extension and their battle against two lower-level Frieza minions left behind named Abo and Kabo.

These two twin alien warriors were missing in action for years, but in a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, they returned to the big screen as part of Frieza’s new forces in the movie. Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

6 There is a small reference to the TOEIs themselves

toei logo

The company behind the animated series that took the Dragon Ball series to the next level is TOEI. This company is not only the mind behind bringing this adaptation to life, but many films as well.

As such, the Dragon Ball movies often begin with TOEI’s famous movie intro that features a short video of a sea of ​​waves crashing against rocks. In the English dub for Dragon Ball Before the theatrical version of Hercules at the Cell Games, a TOEI logo is displayed and the dubbing releases a musical jingle “Waves and Rocks ~”.

5 Mount Frappe appears in the first episode

mount frappe

Mount Frappe is not part of Dragon Ball story that many can name, but it is an image that means a lot to the series. Goku had to venture up to this mountain to find snow to put out the flames surrounding the Ox King’s castle. A screenshot of Dragon Ball Z pays homage to this mountain in the first episode.

4 Gohan’s Books Reference Charles Darwin, Shonen Jump and Dr. Slump

gohan books

Today, Gohan is seen many times in his own personal library filled with books galore. Anyone looking closely at these books can find some Easter eggs and references to other media.

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Some examples of this are a book that has “Arale”, which refers to the famous book by Akira Toriyama. Dr. Slump series and a book that says “Jump”, in reference to the manga magazine that hosts Dragon Ball, Shonen jump. There are also books seen in Gohan’s possession that are by Charles Darwin.

3 English Dub Voice from Android 16 is a Terminator reference

terminator a16

It’s hard to notice, but Android 16’s English voice has a slight Austrian accent, referencing the Terminator from the Terminator movie series. His mission to kill Goku is also a reference to this, with him even saying that his goal is to “finish” Goku.

2 Bulma’s space pajamas can also be found in the Alien movie

dbz aliens reference

The 1979 movie Alien was referenced by Bulma’s clothing during the trip to Namek. Bulma’s pajamas seen during this saga reflected the main character, Ellen Ripley’s pajamas as well. This makes perfect sense, considering that Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan were heading towards an alien planet.

one The company appears from Star Trek

During Dragon Ball Z episode 22, the series salutes the Star trek Serie. This scream was in the form of an Enterprise-A shuttle appearing like a news helicopter. It was a subtle but fun nod to the classic sci-fi franchise.

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