Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo poke fun at star Tom Holland after he reveals he has been doing virtual interviews with no pants on.

Avengers Endgame Directors Joe and Anthony Russo tease star Tom Holland after he reveals that he has been doing virtual interviews without pants. When the Russians ran 2016 Captain America: Civil War, They introduced the Dutch version of Peter Parker to the world and helped usher in a new era for Spider-Man. Despite being the third film Peter, Holland has won over audiences with his brilliant take on the character, and will reprise his role as Spidey this year. Spider man 3, which is currently in production. Few plot details have been revealed at this time, but anticipation is high.

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After directing Holland’s MCU debut, the Russos also directed their two Avengers appearances, including the epic finale of 2019 End of the game. Their latest collaboration will arrive later this month, although for the first time it will be set outside the Marvel universe. Cherry, a drama based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker, starring Holland as the title character, an army veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who returns home and robs banks to support his opioid addiction. It’s a far cry from the colorful, action-packed world of the MCU, and fans are quite interested to see how both the Russos and the Holland handle it.

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The stuff they’re promoting may be dark, but Holland and the Russos keep things lighthearted in real life. Earlier this week, Holland revealed on social media that he has been conducting his virtual interviews for Cherry no pants on. the Russians He couldn’t resist teasing him as they soon posted a photo of Joe sitting in front of his laptop, as if for an interview, without pants. “Thanks for the fashion tip @ TomHolland1996!“They wrote on their shared account. You can see the tweet below.

Holland is frequently at the center of jokes on the internet, and it’s safe to say that you’ll probably find this one amusing. At this point, he’s worked with the Russos four times, so they all likely know each other very well. If anything, it is a testament to their work association that they can be openly mocked in this way. The Russians have previously said they would not have done Cherry without Holland, indicating that everyone trusts each other’s abilities and respects each other. That’s the sign of a good actor-director pairing.

As it is now Avengers Endgame It seems to be the last Russos movie in the MCU. Meanwhile, Holland is expected to appear in at least one other movie after Spider man 3, although that could always change. Fans will likely want him to stay, but it will depend entirely on Marvel’s plans for the future. However, don’t be surprised if the Netherlands and the Russians end up working together again. They seem to really enjoy it.

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Source: Russo Brothers/Twitter

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