Family Guy: 10 Relationships That Should Have Happened (But Didn’t Happen)

When talking about adult cartoons, it is impossible not to draw attention to Family man. Regardless of whether the show can be said to have fallen in quality since season two, it has been able to maintain its popularity. This is seen by the fact that it has been working for more than two decades. The show has done a wonderful job of creating funny stories, making it a good show to watch when looking for something to relax and have fun with.

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The series, however, hasn’t focused much on building new relationships between its characters. There were many scheming potential partners they could have gone with. With the show shedding many characters throughout its time, they can now be labeled as missed opportunities. However, the series still has other pairings that they could choose to put together. This could provide a new level of interest for your viewers, as it would give your writers the opportunity to create unique and exciting material.

10 Brian and bonnie

Family Guy Brian and Bonnie

Bonnie has proven time and time again that she doesn’t want to be with Joe anymore. This was made very clear when she cheated on him with Brian. She even ran away from home in the process with him.

Exploring a potential relationship between these two would have made sense, as they are clearly flawed and rather selfish characters. It surely would have been destined for failure, but seeing them together for longer could have been a very intriguing part of the series.

9 Joe and Nora

Family Guy Joe and Nora

Joe has not been innocent either, as he would cheat on Bonnie with her co-worker, Nora. His reasoning for doing so was that he was unhappy with Bonnie’s treatment, especially with her essentially cheating on him while he was in France.

Nora seemed to be a better fit with Joe, as he was very nice and had similar interests. Ultimately, Joe could have benefited a lot more from Nora as his partner, as she seemed to be someone who had the ability to see him as a human being.

8 Chris and Courtney

Family Guy Chris and Courtney

One of the most intriguing parts of the later stories in this series was the discovery of Quagmire’s daughter. Courtney possessed qualities similar to his, as she often used the phrase “giggity.”

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It would have been interesting to pair her with Chris, since of course he is not very mature. Courtney, on the other hand, seemed to have a better understanding of the adult world. Seeing these two opposing characters together could have provided a great degree of hilarity to the series.

7 Quagmire and Cheryl Tiegs

Family Guy Quagmire Cheryl Tiegs

Quagmire had dated Cheryl Tiegs prior to the series. She was his only true love and the person who made him unable to have real relationships with women. He would just get too hung up on her to move on properly.

When she came back into his life, it would have been great to see them potentially start dating. Quagmire is certainly morally reprehensible, but he very well could have become a much better person if he had managed to get her back.

6 Tom and diane

Family Guy Tom and Diane

Although Diane was murdered centuries ago, it was quite strange that the show did not explore a relationship between her and her news partner, Tom Tucker. These two could have had many eventful stories together.

They were caught having a brief affair, but it never turned into a real relationship. It could have been a very interesting part of the series as the two of them had a distinct amount of chemistry with each other.

5 Meg and neil

Family Guy Meg and Neil

Meg and Neil have never developed a substantial relationship. It would really make sense for these two to get serious, as they are both in similar places in terms of popularity. Also, Neil treats Meg so much better than anyone around him.

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They were romantic for a very short time, but it didn’t turn into a long-term relationship. It would be great to see the series finally make this a reality, as it would give Meg someone who would respect her immensely.

4 Mickey and Thelma

Real Parents of Family Guy Peter

Mickey and Thelma are Peter’s biological parents, and it would have been amazing to see them seriously dating. Mickey was a fun character to follow in his only episode, as he was essentially just a more Irish version of Peter.

Thelma would also end up losing her husband and spent a lot of time alone after the fact. Mickey could have been an interesting character to cast a recurring role, especially if the writers had chosen to rekindle these two past interest in each other.

3 Brian and brenda

Family Guy Brian and Brenda

A common theme of this series is that Quagmire despises Brian with every fiber of his being. So it would be fun if Brian broke up with his sister, Brenda. Brenda hasn’t been seen much since visiting her abusive ex-boyfriend.

For purely comic purposes, it would be quite intriguing to see Brian break up with Brenda, as he would clearly infuriate Quagmire. However, it is likely to fail quickly, as Brian has proven time and time again that he cannot maintain a healthy relationship.

2 Chris and patty

Family Guy Brian and Patty

One intriguing relationship the show could focus on is the one between Chris and Patty. Chris definitely has a pretty warm side to him, even if he’s a little awkward most of the time. Patty also has similar qualities in that regard.

Meg may be a little upset with this dynamic, but realistically, these two could make an interesting couple, even if it’s as they get older. They’re both nerds too, so they certainly have that to relate to too.

one Meg and kevin

Boy of the family meg and kevin

At the beginning of the series, Meg made it very clear that she was quite in love with Joe’s son, Kevin. Kevin did not possess the same feelings, but perhaps this could change now, as he has made a return to the series.

He certainly has demons of his own, as he experienced a lot of trauma while fighting the war. Meg is quite an empathetic character, so perhaps she could be a wonderful companion for him. It may be a long shot, but in theory, it could be a good value.

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