Fantastic Four: Marvel hints darkest story in team history is coming

The Fantastic Four have always had an unbreakable bond, but a dark day is approaching for The Thing and Mr. Fantastic, and death is knocking at the door.

Warning! Spoilers for Fantastic Four # 28 ahead

Marvel promises a dark future for him Fantastic four. The classic heroes and first Marvel family have had some major changes recently, but nothing as intense as what the new comics suggest.

The Griever’s necrospheres at the end of all things are an unsavory fabrication that forces an individual to relive their most likely death over and over again in a loop. Groundhog Day-style torture would be more than enough to break even the toughest of people, but the Fantastic Four are no ordinary people. Still exhausted from his own looping death at the hands of the villain Rapture, the thing jump to the rescue of his best friend of all life, Reed richards and in another necrosphere.

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In Fantastic Four # 28 By Dan Slott, the audience finds Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, trapped in what Ben Grimm identifies as the Baxter Building. Cleverly highlighted by RB Silva’s clean art and Jesús Aburtov’s excellent use of color, we see every ounce of fear in Reed’s eyes when he asks Grimm “Why would you do this to me?” Something else comes out of the shadowsa future thingwho declares that Reed Richards is not his friend. “Do you know what he did to me ?! For us?!” Assuming he’s talking about the accident that turned him into the Thing, Grimm ignores him. Grudges can sometimes die, but, as he reiterates in the comic, The Thing has long forgiven his friend. However, according to Future Grimm, that’s not the concern.One day, he will betray his friend. One day, The Thing will kill Reed Richards.


The revelation of the future to come is shocking, especially considering the promise that this is Reed’s most likely death. The future Grimm has no regrets, telling the present Grimm that, one day, he “I know what he did and that day … you’re going to kill him.” While recent comics have shown Thing to be a gentle giant and kind father to his two adopted alien sons, N’kalla and Jo-Venn, he can definitely strike a chord. Considering that the Vigilante called for adoption “A decision that will change the destiny of countless galaxies”, it certainly raises the question of whether the children have anything to do with the future Grimm’s will to kill his friend. The Thing does not tend to kill, but Doom’s death in Ultimatum seems to suggest that Grimm is more than willing to kill if pushed into action.

While the weak nature of the comics means that audiences may not see the fight between the thing Y Reed richards For some time, it is unlikely that such a clear vision of the future will ever emerge again. Now that you both know what’s to come, the future may not be the same. Will the two find a way to avoid Reed’s “most likely death” or, as these comments suggest, are there dark days ahead for him? Fantastic four?

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