Fast and furious: what your favorite character says about you

After the detailed preview of the Super Bowl, there is high hope that F9 It will fall in May as scheduled. the Fast and Furious The franchise has become one of the most addictive offerings in Hollywood in recent times. With a new villain, who is also Dom’s “brother,” fans are eager to see what happens next.

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So far, there hasn’t been a major miss in terms of character introduction. Every new petrolhead or villain that has joined the franchise has attracted fans. The characters that were there from the first movies have also not seen a drop in their form. Everyone is still as intriguing as ever. However, that does not mean that there are not some who are more favored than others. But what is it that attracts fans?

10 Dominic “Dom” Toretto

Dom is the real definition of career growth. Go from participating in illegal street races to multi-million dollar heists around the world. He is aggressive and brave. Dom would do anything for both his immediate family and his friends, whom he also refers to as ‘family’. When Cipher kidnaps his son, he does everything he can to get him back.

Family and friends are everything to all Dom fans. If you love the main character more, you probably have a strong bond with those close to you. You hate growing up alone, that’s why you always share your opportunities with them. Not only is he a hard worker, but he has also discovered how to keep achieving more in life.

9 Luke hobbs

Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 7

It can be argued that the introduction of Luke Hobbs is what precipitated the Fast and Furious movies in the big leagues of Hollywood franchises. The former DSS agent starts out as Dom’s enemy. He goes after him, but eventually realizes the man is too smart to hate him, so he starts working with him. Hobbs works with Dom’s team to capture Owen and Deckard Shaw. Later he joins Deckard and also works with him.

If Hobbs is your thing, you have the ability to turn enemies into friends very easily. No grudge lasts long for you. People probably identify you as a tough person. Despite his penchant for jumping into dangerous situations and healing fairly quickly, he is generally a good person.

8 Roman pierce

Roman gets out of his Koenigsegg CCX-R

Roman is known to be skeptical and hesitant. He almost backed out of the Rio heist before hearing that the reward was $ 100 million. He is also reluctant to perform dangerous tasks such as jumping out of airplanes. On the bright side, he’s a fun-loving guy who works hard and plays hard. He has been seen partying on private jets after heists and buying cars that no one else owns.

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If your favorite is Roman, you’re probably a bit hesitant and need to be coaxed into embarking on the more adventurous things in life (even if they’re actually a benefit to you). There’s a chance other people will find you funny too, as Roman always stands out as the joker from Dom’s crew.

7 Deckard Shaw

Deckard goes from villain to hero, which is commendable. Aside from the fact that he can babysit while participating in a shooting, Deckard has many other admirable qualities. Unlike Brixton Lore and Owen, he is a man of honor. He refused to work for the Eteon terrorist organization. He also turned down Cipher’s offer to build the Nightshade.

If you like Deckard, you care a lot about your family. The character has been shown to have excellent relationships with his mother, brother, and sister. You can also cause a lot of destruction when you feel wronged, but you are not necessarily evil. In fact, you disgust evil people. The most important thing is that you do not resist change and you become a better person.

6 My toretto

Dom and Brian have a habit of jumping before looking. Fortunately, they have Mia to remind them to always tone down. For example, he begs Dom to stop fighting Hobbs in Fast five. His driving skills, intelligence and vigilance become evident during the Rio heist. Mia’s loving nature is best seen when she protects Jack and Elena by offering herself to Shaw’s henchmen.

If Mia is the best in her book, you can bet you’re the loving type too. You don’t let your loved ones go down paths of self-destruction while you watch. To top it all, he is always willing to change his comfort so that others can benefit. You are also not the type to sit and watch others have fun. You’re more than happy to jump into action … as long as it’s safe.

5 Brian O’Connor

Fast and Furious

Brian quits his job in law enforcement twice to engage in criminal activity. First leave the LAPD and then leave the FBI. Brian enjoys putting himself in extreme danger. This is evident throughout the franchise, with good examples like Carter Verone’s boat chase and the train chase while chasing Hernán Reyes’ chip.

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Do you love Brian? Your worship translates to being a thrill seeker. It is fun for him to break the rules instead of living by them. Doing pleasant things tends to bore him, so he is always looking for more exciting and dangerous activities.

4 Han Seoul-Oh

Sung Kang as Han in Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift

Han can tell Gisele is ex-Mossad just by looking at her holding a gun. He also seems to wear his heart on his sleeve as audiences can see that he falls in love quite easily. Despite knowing Giselle for a short time, he suggests that they move in together and start a family. His decision to become a member of Dom’s crew is simply due to the fact that he admires the man.

If you love Han, you are the type of person who has role models that you would never hesitate to team up with if need be. You are also a firm believer in love. Losing lovers is devastating as is the case with Han when Gisele dies. His observation skills are also remarkable, allowing him to see things that others do not.

3 Letty ortiz


“Nobody forces me to do anything I don’t want to.” This quote from Letty to Brian O’Connor sums up her personality. Even while working for Owen Shaw, Letty never forgets her real family. And when Don is blackmailed by Cipher and starts working for her, she doesn’t give up on him. Unlike everyone else, she believes that she will go back to what she was before.

Letty’s fans are loving by nature. They are excellent partners because they never give up on their partners, even when these partners are spiraling downward. They are brave and confrontational too, they cannot bear to be demoted by anyone.

2 This Parker

Ludacris as Tej Parker in Fate of the Furious

Tej is an underrated superhuman. You can race, fix cars, and hack computers. While learning all those skills, he somehow found time to exercise and keep fit. He prefers cars to romantic partners, saying, “Cars don’t take half of your wealth from you when you break up.”

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Any Tej fan is likely to be humble and reserved. Your love for the character means that you are a low-key genius. Nothing is too difficult for you, thanks to your high IQ. Based on the way Tej returns to his garage, even after mega heists rather than celebrating like his associates, it can be assumed that he does not like the high maintenance lifestyle and prefers to live a simple and straightforward life.

one Mr. nobody

Mr. Nobody is actually someone. Someone great, but chooses to hide his real name. The government agent allows Dom to use the Eye of God program, even though Dom thinks he is turning his back on it. He also joins Dom for beer and is friendly with most of the crew members. Age has also not limited his fighting skills, as seen during the shootout with Jakande’s men.

Being a fan of Mr. Nobody means that you are reserved. I would prefer that people know only what they need to know. You are a friendly person who keeps your word, so people developed a trust in you very easily.

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