Few sitcom heroines have been as colorful, individualistic, and well-written as Phoebe Buffay’s friends. The free-spirited freelance masseur is also a part-time singer, albeit not a very good one. But Phoebe is definitely the most interesting person in her squad.

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His life has been quite tumultuous. Abandoned as a child, Phoebe had grown up on the streets and has had quite a few wacky stories on the show. But which ones are the most memorable and which ones are not so good?

10 Better: his relationship with his brother

Surrogacy episode aside, Phoebe and Frank’s relationship was intriguing in the fluidity with which it was written. Phoebe manages to connect with her half brother, who despite having no rudder in life, appreciates his half sister tremendously.

And since Phoebe has always wanted to meet her family, their relationship gave both brothers a foundation. Phoebe eventually becomes something of a father figure to him, especially when he was courting Alice, and Frank is described as really appreciating her presence in his life, which made this arc really rewarding.

9 The worst: The bow with his father

Most likely, if Frank Sr. were featured later in the show, his character would have a better design, as the show sanded down some of the rough edges of his screenwriting as it evolved. But it appears in only one episode of season 5 when Phoebe’s grandmother dies, and while Phoebe and Frank Sr’s reconciliation was handled quite cunningly, it really felt half-baked.

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It was definitely sentimental, but the fact that Phoebe never brings it up again, even after finding him, or even revealing what happens to him, is quite strange, as her sad childhood has been addressed many times on the show and is a part of it. crucial to his character design.

8 Best: her romance with David

the friends The fandom has many direct opinions on Phoebe’s relationship with David, who is never lucky enough to be with her, despite his love for her. But this arc was really relatable because there are so many real life stories where two people just can’t seem to make things work and have to move on with their lives despite their longing for each other.

The fact that David was a scientist who just couldn’t shake off his professional and scientific commitment for his personal pursuits makes perfect sense. Their relationship isn’t whirlwind or overly cheesy, but grounded and realistic.

7 Worst: her commitment to Gary

Why was Gary featured on the show? Usually a short-lived love interest is introduced for the purpose of exploring one side of the main character; In this setting, Gary’s character was introduced to represent how commitment phobic Phoebe was. However, this was handled very clumsily.

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She didn’t want to move in with Gary because they had only been dating for a few weeks; She just didn’t feel as fervent for him as she did for Mike, whom she eventually married. Not only did Gary’s character feel quite unnecessary, it was unceremoniously resolved after he shot a bird in his home.

6 The best: how her friends supported her avoiding Paolo

In friendsPhoebe’s friends believe her when she tells them that Paolo sexually assaulted her at work. Not only does Rachel break all ties with him and cast him out, they all reject him completely.

This particular episode is very relevant because pop culture did not handle depictions of sexual harassment or bullying very well in the 1990s, whether it was in workplace sitcoms or otherwise. friends took a position that explained very clearly how friends can support each other during a crisis of a similar nature.

5 The worst: the one with the triplets

Lisa Ludrow as Phoebe with triplets in Friends

Much has been said about Phoebe’s surrogacy when she decided to bring triplets for her brother. And while this was undoubtedly a very brave and generous gesture, how necessary was it really? The whole debacle was definitely pretty tragic and hard on Phoebe, who expressed her wish to adopt one of the children. But the point is, this very elaborate arc doesn’t add anything substantial to the story, it doesn’t make any major changes.

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Phoebe goes on with her life as before, and the triplets are seen very occasionally when used as plot devices. Now, Lisa Kudrow was pregnant during this period, and it made sense for the writers to come up with an idea about the pregnancy; and surrogacy could have had a very good bow, if it had been handled better.

4 Better: his bow with his mother

The character of Phoebe’s mother was perhaps the least appreciated on the show; There is something very human about a nervous teenager giving up her twins to be raised by her friends, who she believes can provide a stable home for the children.

When Phoebe finds her mother, it’s not a landslide revelation or melodramatic meltdown, it’s a rather moody episode in which Phoebe discovers a picture on the refrigerator of her birth mother. Later, the two strike up a friendship, and Phoebe is seen going to her mother for advice on personal issues, and it is a reconciliation journey that is very similar to meeting an old friend.

3 The worst: Eric’s

Why friends Introducing Sean Penn in a cameo and not making use of his cool and sassy comic moment? To be fair, the Eric and Phoebe arc was quite interesting, they clearly had chemistry, but like so many sloppy arcs the show has had, it felt really unrewarding.

So, he discovers that Phoebe’s incomplete twin Ursula has made a fool of him, he’s angry and can’t seem to have a relationship with Phoebe because she reminds him of Ursula. There is a novelty in this narrative, but it is very poorly written. It never had room to shine or even make the most of how quirky it is.

2 Best: Phoebe and Mike Narrative

The best thing about Phoebe and Mike’s courtship was that it was very nice; It was great to see the two of them on screen, and they were perhaps the least toxic couple on the show.

They were ready to work on their personal complexes and make an effort; even their breakup was handled very deftly as it stuck to the character profiles of the two, and the way they reacted made sense. The role of Mike was also very balanced, helping the writers explore some other nuances of Phoebe.

one Worst arc: The one with the stalker

Perhaps one of the weirdest stories in the long-running sitcom involved Phoebe’s stalker; technically it was Ursula’s ex-stalker who was only following Phoebe because he thought it was Ursula. Phoebe sympathizes with his unrequited love, which is really weird considering he’s obviously a creep and a possible predator.

Not only does she promise to help him get over his sister, but he falls in love with him only to find that he is still very much in love with Ursula. This arc definitely could have been handled better, with more wit and satire, however the comedy in this one just flops.

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