Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco accuses Marilyn Manson of abuse

Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco opens up in an interview about her relationship with singer Marilyn Manson and the abuse she suffered.

game of Thrones Actress Esmé Bianco accuses singer Marilyn Manson of abuse. Manson has been in the headlights for a while after Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse. Wood stated that her ex-fiancé Manson groomed her for years and that she was “brainwashed and manipulated to subdue“.

Following Wood’s accusations, many were also forced to speak up. Phoebe Bridgers, an American singer-songwriter, shared details about going to Manson’s house, where she allegedly had a room that she had called the ‘rape room’. Singer Ellie Roswell also featured telling the story of Manson using a GoPro to film her skirt at a concert. Most recently, Bianco, better known as Ros on the hit television series game of Thrones, decided to speak.

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Bianco opened up in an interview for The cut about his relationship with Marilyn Manson. Bianco talked about her experience filming a music video for the singer. She said that for three days, Manson would keep her only in lingerie and only feed her cocaine. She also accuses him of becoming violent, using cables, whips, and electric sex toys on her. The actress further shared that after moving in with Manson, he would control his eating habits, his sleep schedule, and when he could come and go from the house. Manson has yet to respond to Bianco’s claims.

I basically felt like a prisoner. I came and went as he pleased. Who I spoke to was completely controlled by him. I called my family hiding in the closet. I think I would have made excuses for him. At the time I was in survival mode and my brain had taught me to be small and nice.

After a month of living with Manson, things escalated until the singer chased after Bianco with an ax, at which point she began looking for a way out of the toxic environment. The actress was forced to search for an apartment behind Manson’s back and escaped while the singer slept. Bianco later broke up with Manson over email. Later, the actress says that she was scared every time she saw Manson in public. She also shares that she suffered from panic attacks and was afraid Manson would go after her.

The CAA agency and record label Loma Vista Records have left Manson as a client since the allegations. There is currently an investigation into the claims as well, which means it will likely be a long time before Manson releases new music. Die-hard fans can keep listening to his existing records, but the general public is definitely changing their minds about the singer amidst the wave of allegations and detailed stories. While there has been no official information on the legal repercussions regarding the situation, hopefully his alleged victims will soon get closure.

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Source: The cut

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