Genshin Impact: How to Use the Kurious Chamber (and Win Treasures)

With Update 1.3, our first Five Flushes of Fortune event is a photoshoot straight out of a photographer’s nightmare. Here is the Kurious Kamera.

As one of the first events of update 1.3 in Genshin Impact, Five Flushes of Fortune sends players on a photographic adventure around Teyvat to take pictures of world objects and earn rewards. Players must first talk to Ji Tong in Liyue to start the event and begin collecting the primo gems and other consumables.

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Once again, another trader in Liyue has had a bit of bad luck hoping to make a booming business with a curious item found in a nearby region. Ji Tong, you have acquired a Kurious Kamera that doesn’t always take photos in the colors they appear within the lens. Seeking to remedy the problem, or at least understand the cause of the problem, Ji Tong uses the help of the traveler to find a solution; of course, not without benefits. This is how players can use the Kurious Kamera for themselves and earn rewards from Ji Tongs, Treasure Troves.

How to use the Kurious camera in Genshin Impact


The Kurious Kamera works almost exactly the same way as the original Kamera. Players must first open their bag from the shortcut menu. Then scroll right (or left) to the third and final tab, Search Items. Here, most of the items that are obtained from missions or special events are placed for future use. After hovering over the Kurious Kamera, select the option to equip it.

Once equipped, players can access Kurious Kamera from the shortcut menu by pressing L1 + Circle on PlayStation, or Z on PC for a quick-use device. Unlike the normal Kamera, the Kurious Kamera has a zoom function, does not include the player in the images, and does not automatically take photos when activated. Players have time to aim the camera and correctly align the shutter with the subject. Only one camera can be used at a time, so if players want to take screenshots again, go back to the normal Kamera.

hidden treasure

There are 5 colors that the Kurious Kamera creates, and every day the color of a requested item changes during the event. For example, players can take a photo of Cor Lapis because of the yellow color. Yellow objects must be photographed for that day in order to obtain photographs. Also, the camera tends to accept only items that can be collected or destroyed as a theme (which includes monsters).

The colors that the photos produce are completely random and players only get ten shots a day; then ten objects. The same “exact” object cannot be photographed twice, but duplicates of an object can be photographed. Basically, if there are two Cor Lapis together on the ground, each can be photographed and will count as two separate photos. Photos can also produce two separate colors. If the players somehow manage to produce photos of each color (all 5), they can collect a treasure for that day. For those who are unsuccessful, exchanging single color photos with friends is a possibility.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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