Godzilla Singular Point: Rodan’s story, powers, and weaknesses

With Rodan confirmed for Godzilla: Singular Point, here’s everything you need to remember about this legendary kaiju.

The advances of Godzilla: singular point have thrilled fans with the upcoming anime, primarily due to the sheer number of kaiju that have been teased or conceited. One of the most notable inclusions is Rodan, the legendary kaiju that resembles a giant Pteranodon.

Rodan is between Godzilla enduring monsters, debuting in the early days of the kaiju craze. Here is an overview of this Godzilla legend and what to expect when they appear in Godzilla: Singular point.

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Who (or what) is Rodan?


Rodan made his debut in the 1956 film. They roll. In this movie, Rodan destroys cities around the world after hatching from a giant egg hidden under Mt. Aso. In a unique twist, there are actually two Rodans in this movie, a man and a woman. The characters theorize that nuclear tests opened ancient caverns, causing these creatures to hatch. The two Rodan are defeated when the military follows them back to their nest in the bush. Aso and attack the volcano, causing an eruption that apparently incinerates both creatures.

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In 1964 Ghidorah, the three-headed monster, Princess Maas Doulina Salno arrives from Venus, warning people that something terrible will happen at the volcano and that the volcanic gases will resurrect Rodan. He is shown to be right when a single Rodan emerges from the crater and flies into the sky. This Rodan fought Godzilla until Mothra convinced the pair to team up to fight King Ghidorah, starting a friendship that would continue throughout the Showa movies.

In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, Rodan was found on the island of Adonoa, guarding the Babygodzilla egg that had ended up in its nest. According to visiting scientists, this Rodan grew to its giant size due to the Russians dumping nuclear waste near Adonoa Island. This Rodan is almost killed by Godzilla and, during the fight, Babygodzilla’s egg is stolen. However, when Rodan senses that Babygodzilla is in danger in Tokyo, he revives, taking a new form called Fire Rodan. However, at the climax of the film, Fire Rodan gives Godzilla his life force. This life force allows Godzilla to defeat Mechagodzilla at the cost of Rodan’s life.

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What are Rodan’s powers?


Rodan’s main power is flying. It can easily break the sound barrier, destroying cities with the resulting sonic booms. However, even at these insane speeds, Rodan is very agile and easily outperforms the military’s supersonic jets. While flying like this, Rodan can also create powerful gusts of wind that can damage buildings, scare away planes, or take down other kaiju.

Rodan’s beak and claws are sharp, allowing him to pierce vehicles and other kaiju’s meat with ease. In fact, Rodan is seen effortlessly crushing rocks and destroying Mechagodzilla’s eye with his pickaxe. In addition to this, Rodan can use his strength to lift other Kaiju into the air. This allows you to take the monsters or move your allies to the places they need to go.

When Rodan turns into Fire Rodan, he can use the powerful Uranium Heat Beam. Like the lightning used by Godzilla, Rodan’s can go through things easily, dealing massive amounts of damage in the process. Rodan is one of the most durable kaiju. In Showa era movies, Rodan is shown shrugging off Godzilla’s breath attacks and in other movies, he survives King Ghidorah’s powerful gravity bolts. This durability makes Rodan an exceptionally fearsome foe that is particularly difficult to defeat.

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Rodan’s weaknesses


Despite his strengths, Rodan is far from invincible. Godzilla’s immense strength can overwhelm the flying kaiju. Using a combination of powerful stomps and point-blank breath attacks, Godzilla can leave Rodan at death’s door. Later, Mechagodzilla can damage Fire Rodan using his plasma grenade. And, when Mechagodzilla turns into Super Mechagodzilla, he nearly kills Fire Rodan with his megabuster. At GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters anime, Hedorah is capable of Really Kill Rodan, along with several other kaiju, proving that Rodan can be defeated if a kaiju can combine the correct attacks.

Rodan’s dedication is also an issue, causing him to put himself in harm’s way to protect other kaiju or his adopted brother Babygodzilla. While Fire Rodan’s decision to give up his life force to help Godzilla is commendable, it suggests that he often does not think of his own long-term best interests, something that could easily be exploited.

Rodan is also weak to mind control, having fallen under Xiliens’ spell in Astro-Monster Invasion Y Godzilla: Final Wars and the Kilaaks in Destroy all monsters. This suggests that other creatures or civilizations could take control of Rodan as long as they have the right equipment. Could this factor in its use in the Singular point anime? Godzilla fans will just have to wait and find out.

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