Gonk: 10 Most Useless Droids In The Star Wars Universe, Ranked

What makes the Star Wars An interesting universe is its incredible variety of characters. There are a variety of Force users, various alien species, bounty hunters, and more, but the galaxy wouldn’t be the same without all the droids that heavily influence most stories. They are an absolute staple of Star Wars narration.

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The first droids fans met were R2-D2 and C-3PO, and they remain incredibly popular decades later. While there have been a number of cool droid characters since then, some have proven to be far more useless than others. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have fans.

10 Q9-0

Q9-0 in Razor Quest

Like any of the organic lives in the galaxy, the droids had a variety of professions. In a surprising number of cases, the droids became bounty hunters and mercenaries. Some of them, like IG-88 and IG-11, were incredibly feared across the galaxy.

Then there was Q9-0. Fans were introduced to him in the first season of The mandalorian as part of a mission to free a criminal from a prison transport ship. Q9-0 was the pilot and led the team there. Then it exploded. It wasn’t particularly impressive.

9 WAC-47

WAC-47 with R2-D2

During the course of the Clone Wars, both sides of the conflict did what they had to do to have an advantage over the other. A surprising number of times, this involved sending droids on missions. On one such mission, the Republic put Colonel Gascón in charge of a group of astromechics that included R2-D2.

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The adventure was a success, but the astromechists did 90% of the work. Gascon and his second in command, a well droid named WAC-47, did practically nothing useful, but at least WAC accomplished more than Gascon.

8 R3-S6

R3-S6 in The Clone Wars

The relationship between Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 during the Clone Wars was important, to say the least. Without R2, a surprising number of missions would have failed, and Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka would likely have died.

However, when R2 disappeared, Ahsoka got Anakin a replacement astromech named R3-S6, and he ruined everything. As it turned out, R3 was working for General Grievous and was intentionally causing trouble. But, from Anakin’s perspective, R3 was useless.

7 MagnaGuards IG-100

General Grievous with his MagnaGuards

During the Clone Wars, General Grievous was accompanied by menacing droids that were programmed to be adept at hand-to-hand combat. These IG-100 MagnaGuards were feared warriors. Well, they would have been if they had won more fights.

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The Jedi, particularly Anakin and Obi-Wan, constantly smashed these things to pieces as if they were B1 battle droids. The only real purpose they served was to distract Grievous’s opponents long enough for him to fall on them, and even that tactic didn’t work very well.

6 Model B1 battle droids

Battle droids on a ship

Speaking of B1 battle droids, these were some of the worst droids in the galaxy. The B1 line was the backbone of the Separatist forces, and the droids were responsible for the deaths of not just tens of thousands of clones, but hundreds of Jedi as well … somehow.

They only succeeded because of their overwhelming number. Individually, they were idiots and were somehow worse shots than the average Stormtrooper. The clone army killed more Jedi in a matter of minutes after Order 66 was launched than battle droids during the war.

5 OOM-9

OOM-9 at the Battle of Naboo

While there are many examples of B1 battle droids failing spectacularly, none screwed up the dog as hard as OOM-9. He was the battle droid commander in charge of the invasion of Naboo in The Phantom Menace.

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OOM-9 was handed his butt by a group of Gungans who did not have blasters. Although OOM-9 and its droids only lost the battle thanks to the actions of a young Anakin Skywalker, they were still unable to clear the Gungans in a timely manner, something any competent army would have been able to do.

4 All 360

Cad Bane with All 360

Cad Bane was one of the most respected and feared bounty hunters during the Clone War era. Jango Fett’s death cemented this status, not that there weren’t some contenders for the crown. It basically disappeared when the Galactic Empire was formed, and its fate was left uncertain.

For a time, Cad was accompanied by a techno-service droid named Todo 306. He did everything Bane asked of him, even if it was off his schedule. The most important part he played in one of Bane’s plans was exploding as a distraction. Bane didn’t tell Todo that one was coming.

3 Gonk Droids

Gonk droid on Tatooine

GNK power droids, better known as Gonk droids, hold a special place in the hearts of fans. They’re basically legged power generators that have been equipped with incredibly basic artificial intelligence. But, it seems fans are loving these square and awkward droids.

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In truth, the Gonk droids were a scam of the EG-6 power droids manufactured by a separate company. The only reason people in the galaxy bought Gonk droids was because they were infinitely cheaper. That said, Gonks wasn’t particularly trustworthy either.

2 CLL-8 binary freight elevators

Binary Freight Elevator Lifting Material

If someone needed to lift something incredibly heavy, then it was time to bring in a CLL-8 binary freight elevator. Their whole purpose was to carry heavy things, and they did not suffer from the unbearable weight of the universe like robots serving butter.

The problem was, they were somehow even stupider than the average Gonk droid. If left unattended and unsupervised, the binary freight elevators would keep moving and stacking boxes until the floor collapsed.

one DO

DO with BB-8

DO was introduced to fans on The rise of Skywalkerthough its purpose was dubious at best. The little boy had the voice of JJ Abrams and was, for all intents and purposes, a BB-8 fanatic. It followed the BB-series astromech droid after its reactivation.

But, the only real purpose it served in the story was to provide the information it contained. From a narrative perspective, the same work could have been completed by a computer. Beyond that, DO wasn’t particularly helpful.

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