DC has announced Green Lantern: John Stewart – A Celebration of 50 Years, a star-studded 368-page commemorative hardcover collection set to debut in June.

DC celebrates 50 years of John Stewart, the publisher’s first black superhero, with a star-studded hardcover collection titled Green Lantern: John Stewart – A Celebration of 50 Years.

The June hardcover is a 368-page collection of John Stewart’s most memorable adventures, including his first appearance as the legendary Denny O’Neil / Neal Adams. Green Lantern run, take over from Hal Jordan as Earth’s Green Lantern, make the decisions in the latest incarnation of the League of Justice.

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Narrators of Green Lantern: John Stewart – A 50 Year Celebration They include Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, Len Wein, Geoff Johns, Judd Winick, Dale Eaglesham, Ed Benes, and more.

John Stewart made his debut in Green Lantern # 87 on October 28, 1971, and since then, he has portrayed the Green Lantern Corps in various animated comics and adventures. Some of DC’s black superheroes to follow in John Stewart’s footsteps include Cyborg, Nubia, Bumblebee, Mister Miracle Shilo Norman, Vixen, Steel, and Black Lightning, as well as Milestone characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, and Hardware. The newest black characters to take center stage are The Next Batman Tim Fox and Naomi, who will star in an upcoming CW live-action series.

This 368-page hardcover collects Green Lantern Vol. 2 # 87, # 182 and # 185, Green Lantern Vol. 3 # 74 and # 156, Green Lantern Vol. 4 # 49, League of Justice Vol. 4 # 40 and Justice League of America # 110. This collection also contains brand-new essays by John Stewart co-creator Neal Adams, acclaimed screenwriters John Ridley and Geoff Johns, and the voice of John Stewart from the League of Justice Y Unlimited justice league animated television shows, actor Phil LaMarr.

Green Lantern: John Stewart – A 50 Year Celebration features a cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. The book retails for $ 39.99 and goes on sale Tuesday, June 22, 2021 from DC.

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