When fans started the show, they would have said Cristina and Burke were a great couple. However, in hindsight, the cracks were very apparent.

In the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek, and Cristina and Burke, were the two central romances of the show. Although Cristina and Burke’s relationship was rather short-lived, the intensity made her a fan favorite. Cristina Yang and Preston Burke were two very determined characters with very specific traits that made their interactions enormously fun.

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Seeing them bend to the will of the other with great difficulty was something that greatly entertained the fans of the couple. While Yang and Burke as a couple made sense in many ways, there was definitely something odd about their relationship that was also quite evident.

10 Meaning: They knew how to comfort each other

As many fans recall, Season 2 saw Cristina undergo emergency surgery after Bailey and Izzie realized she was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Although Cristina insisted that she was fine after that surgery, it soon became clear that she was not. While many of her friends tried to comfort her, Burke was the only one who seemed to understand what she needed most.

Likewise, Cristina also knew how to comfort Burke when no one else could. She was the one who got Burke back to his feet with her sweet gesture of bringing in chickens to practice the suture. She also brought him comfort by increasing his confidence when Colin Marlowe bullied him. They just seemed to put each other on a level that no one else could understand.

9 Nonsense: dynamic power between intern and assistant

When all is said and done, the fact remains that Cristina was just an intern when Burke asked her out. The power dynamic was very apparent and even Burke can’t help but remember it when questioning a resident because his internal girlfriend asked him to. This was something he had never done before, and he realizes why this power dynamic is quite complicated and a relationship based on such a dynamic has its fair share of problems.

8 Made Sense: Cardio Thrills

Preston Burke was the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the entire hospital and even outside of it. He was moved by his work with hearts that was shared in equal or perhaps greater proportion by Cristina Yang.

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Yang knew that Cardio was his field and the effect he got from the surgery on his heart couldn’t be compared to anything else. It made sense for two people obsessed with the same niche field to take an interest in each other.

7 Nonsense: letting her help you when your hand has a problem

Cristina’s knee-jerk reaction to learning of Burke’s tremors was to help him with his surgeries to make sure his career didn’t end. Although that in itself was not the wisest decision, Cristina was still just an intern and was very concerned that the man she loved would lose what he loved to do. Burke should have known better and done better, but instead he just followed his plan. When she finally informed the Chief, he was also extremely angry at her, even though it was the right thing to do.

6 Meaning: They taught each other some positive life lessons

Preston Burke was a very correct man, extremely disciplined and rigid. No one could have imagined him relaxing and even dancing. But he does it with an exuberant Cristina in the morning in his apartment. The scene with the two dancing freely showed viewers how they were able to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Burke was incredibly homey and liked to cook, and to some extent he managed to get Cristina to enjoy the little joys of domestic life.

5 Nonsense – not mentioning her in the article celebrating her Harper Avery win

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in

Even though Burke won his Harper Avery award after getting out of the hospital, it was pretty terrible that he didn’t even mention the help Cristina had given him, especially when he had tremors in his hand.

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It proved once and for all that Burke and Yang weren’t meant to be, because he couldn’t share his victory with her even in a small way, and he was very individualistic in that regard.

4 Meaning: they protected each other deeply

Fans were able to witness their care and concern for each other in this episode where both Burke and Cristina were close to the bomb. Burke asked Cristina to leave because she could not concentrate and work knowing that Cristina could take some risk. Cristina asked Burke not to be a hero and to leave so as not to take any risks. They both desperately wanted the other person to be safe and their concern for each other was very evident here.

3 Nonsense: both very established in their ways

Cristina was messy, in a way that made it difficult to live with her. Preston was as clean as possible. This is just one of the ways they were both different in ways that never compromised. They were both quite happy with the way they were and were set in their ways and not willing to be changed for anyone else, not even for each other.

2 Meaning: Let her go

Burke finally came to his senses and realized what he was doing on their wedding day. He was pressuring Cristina to marry him even though he knew he was not what she wanted and who he was. Burke knew her well enough to know that Cristina would marry him, just because she loved him, and not because she wanted to.

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And Burke knew Cristina wouldn’t be Cristina if she did it for him. So he made the decision to let her go. His ability to come to terms, albeit in an unfortunate moment, about their relationship showed how much he understood her.

one Nonsense: I wanted him to become someone he was not

It had become even more apparent in the run-up to their wedding day, that Burke and his family wanted Cristina to change in a way that in no way aligned with what Cristina wanted from her life. Little by little, Burke took pieces from Cristina and she allowed him to. But she always resented him for it, and any relationship to that level of resentment just doesn’t make sense.

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