GTA 3 deserves a 20th anniversary edition

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3, and Rockstar Games should celebrate by releasing a graphically updated version on PS5.

The 2001 release of Grand theft auto 3 was an indisputable turning point in video game history, and now that two full decades have passed (and the impact of GTA The open world design philosophy has seemingly seeped into all corners of the games) there would be no better way to celebrate than by remastering GTA 3 once again for the current generation of video game consoles, specifically the PS5.

Although Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Y Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would go on to add many of the features that are now considered staples of the GTA series, such as property management and cell phones, was during the development of Grand theft auto 3 that originated the mechanics of how these functions could actually world in a 3D space. Grand theft auto 2The Anywhere, USA setting was a blank slate that players only looked at from above. Unlike, GTA 3 Liberty City was one of the most realistic representations of an urban environment seen in video games at the time.

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Rockstar has reissued different editions of Grand theft auto 3 over the years, often packaged with both Vice city Y San Andreas and sold as a trilogy. There is even an argument that Grand theft auto 4 is a remastered / remade version of GTA 3 since, although it presents a different story and different characters, the game takes place again in Liberty City. Despite these similar settings, however, GTA 4 Y GTA 3 The version of Liberty City is quite different, as are the ways that players interact with their environments.

What would GTA 3 look like on PS5

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When remastering Grand theft auto 3 for a console like the PS5, Rockstar doesn’t need to do much, definitely nothing along the lines of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The beauty of Grand theft auto 3 lies in its simplicity, and while the game lacks actual building interior locations, outfits, or swimming mechanics, it’s still just as much fun driving around Liberty City now as it was 20 years ago. The lack of a cell phone in the game means that no one constantly calls the player and asks if he wants to go bowling or chase a cocaine dealer, and the smaller open world (especially compared to later games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand theft auto 5) means that it’s much easier to memorize landmarks and roads, allowing players to rely less on their minimap and more on their intuition.

PC releases have improved GTA 3 graphics from the original PS2 version, and the only quality-of-life improvement Rockstar should think of including in a GTA 3 remaster would be an updated targeting system. For all Grand Theft Auto 3’s great qualities, the game’s shooting was quite unsatisfactory and the implementation of shooting mechanics more similar to those found in GTA Online Y GTA 5 would go a long way to make new players more comfortable with Grand Theft Auto 3’s somewhat dated shooting. However, the crooked animations of Claude’s arm twirling around his body and shooting at an enemy he’s not even looking at can be a big laugh at times, and there is an argument to stick with the poor aiming system not just out of nostalgia, but to Present the game as it was in its entirety.

Other features of GTA 3, like the game’s sheer number of cheats (and the way players could combine them to create things like flying tanks) should remain as is no matter what. Grand theft auto 3 It hardly needs anything to be as fun as any other game on the PS3, PS4 or PS5, although better graphics than the painfully small resolution of the PS2 wouldn’t hurt, and if Rockstar has any plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their biggest game releases ever, they need to make sure the game remains available to anyone who wants to check it out for themselves.

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