Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 10 mistakes JK Rowling made in the book

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth book in the series, which hit shelves around the world in July 2000. It was the darkest entry in the franchise to date, with the boy who lived having to compete in the Triwizard Tournament , strange events at Hogwarts, and Lord Voldemort’s return throughout the year. Harry makes it out alive, almost, but Cedric Diggory tragically dies on the way.

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Obviously, JK Rowling’s books are present-day masterpieces, but they even contain some rare mistakes here or there. So now we will see the errors in the goblet of fire novel.

10 Sirius timeline

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The narration in the goblet of fire talks about the events of the previous school year, which unfold in the Prisoner of Azkaban book. There, it is claimed that Harry only learned that Sirius Black was his godfather two months earlier. However, this is another big mistake.

Harry actually discovers the truth about Sirius, who is on the run after escaping from Azkaban, during a trip to Hogwarts around Christmas. Therefore, it has actually been eight months since the boy who lived found out that he was related to the most wanted wizard in the world. It would have been much more accurate if they had said that it had been two months since Harry had discovered his godfather’s story. innocence, with this happening before Remus Lupine transforms into a werewolf and ruins everything.

9 Harry’s letter to Sirius

Although Harry cannot speak to Sirius in person, he can exchange letters with the ex-convict from Azkaban. In one he writes at the beginning of the fourth book, he details a major hit his cousin Dudley had, one that resulted in the brat throwing his PlayStation out the window.

However, since this happened in August 1994, the PlayStations were not even available at this time. They hit the shelves in the US in December of that year before hitting the European market in 1995. Unless Dudley had a time turner and went to the future to get one, this is simply not possible. Also, if it had, it probably would have taken over a future version of the model.

8 Mrs. Weasley’s Kitchen

Mrs. Weasley pours creamy sauce from her wand into The Burrow as she prepares dinner for her family and Harry before the start of the Quidditch World Cup. It’s a nifty little trick, one that would certainly come in handy in the real world.

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However, in the wizarding world, this shouldn’t be possible. This breaks Gamp’s Elemental Transfiguration Law, which states that food cannot be created with magic. One possible reason for this is that Molly simply summoned the source via her wand but, for this to happen, she would surely have used a summoning charm instead.

7 Mr. Weasley on Privet Drive

Mr. Weasley travels to 4 Privet Drive with Ron, Fred, and George in tow. There, they pick up Harry to take him to the Quidditch World Cup, as the family has obtained tickets to the final. However, Rowling’s novel contains an error surrounding her return to The Burrow.

After picking up Harry, Mr. Weasley puts a pinch of Fluo Powder on the fire for everyone to return to the Burrow. After that, each Weasley (and Harry) just walks towards the green flames and away. However, in the Chamber of secrets, by going to Diagon Alley, each person is shown to take a pinch of Flu powder, so when leaving the Durselys house, this would mean that each person should have a pinch on them, not just Arthur.

6 Hermione’s mistake

Hermione prevents Ron from talking about Sirius in front of Ginny Weasley who, at this point, has no idea that Harry’s godfather is innocent. At this point, it is stated that the only people who know his true nature are Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Albus Dumbledore. However, this is something of an oversight.

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Remus Lupine knew it too, but his name is not included. Ron is also said to have played a role in Sirius’s escape when, in fact, he was hospitalized with a broken leg. It was only after they returned to the infirmary that Ron realized Harry and Hermione’s act of heroism.

5 Cat appearance

Before the Weasleys and Harry leave to go to the World Cup, a conversation that involves most of the family takes place, with Bill, Charlie and Percy the only people not participating. This is because they are showing up, something Mrs. Weasley explains is not possible for them because they need to take a test, and Arthur then explains in more detail.

However, this is a bug because they could have simply used Appearance in parallel. Albus Dumbledore does this in the Half-Blood Prince and in the Deathly Hallows book, families are told to use this method to escape the Death Eaters in case they call. Sure, you need proof to show up, but Arthur could have helped them, which would have made their journey a lot quicker, given there wouldn’t be any walks to a portkey involved.

4 Harry and the Imperius Curse

On the third day of the term, Harry has a rather peculiar Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. It’s about the Gryffindor student having the Imperius curse performed on him by Barty Crouch Jr., who, of course, is posing as Alastor Moody. Not just once, but four full times.

In the book, when Voldemort puts the Imperius curse on the boy who lived, the book says “for the third time in his life”. However, it has already been placed five times at this point, with most of them performed by Moody / Crouch in front of other students and the other by the Dark Lord himself. Therefore, it would have been better if Rowling had made it clear that she was referring to a separate third occasion, rather than implying that it was the third time in total.

3 The class notice

Durmstrang ship

Hogwarts students are enthralled when Albus Dumbledore announces that his magical counterparts from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be heading to the castle to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. The film shows students from France and Eastern Europe attending the New Year’s Eve party in the Great Hall. However, things are different in the source material.

Dumbledore sends a notice saying that classes will end half an hour early on Friday, October 30. But this was actually a Friday in 1994, which means that Rowling got her days of the week mixed up. Of course, it’s a trivial detail, but it’s still an inconsistency regardless.

2 The second task

For the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, participants are forced to dive into Hogwarts Lake to retrieve a loved one. Harry uses Gillyweed given to him by Dobby the house elf (not Neville Longbottom), while Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory choose to use the Bubble-Head charm. Viktor Krum, on the other hand, opts to transform himself in part into a shark.

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However, many fans have a problem with this. The book Quidditch through the ages It clearly states that if you transform into an animal, you lose all human thought and, in fact, you become the very creature that you have become. This means that Viktor should have ripped Hermione apart, but that probably would have been too dark to show.

one Priori Incantatem

At Little Hangleton Cemetery, Harry and Voldemort’s wands connect, which Albus Dumbledore later reveals to be Priori Incantatem. The dead victims of the Dark Lord emerge from his wand in the goblet of fire movie, with Cedric, James and Lily Potter and Frank Bryce stepping out to give Harry much needed encouragement. However, in the movie, there should be an additional victim and an additional spell.

Bertha’s ghostly spirit also appears on the Dark Lord’s wand in the book, and that’s where the mistake lies. Considering that Voldemort proceeded to turn Nagini into a Horcrux after her death, there should have been a ghostly specter of that spell performed in the fourth book. He had also used magic to break a memory spell that Barty Crouch Jr. put on him, but the echoes of this spell are also absent.

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