Harry Potter: Why Dumbledore Should Have Been The Main Character (& 5 Reasons He Wasn’t)

Besides Harry Potter, if there was any character who deserved to play the title role, it was Dumbledore, but in the end, it was not.

Albus Dumbledore is one of a kind. He is a character whose presence cannot be defined with mere words. His mighty stature in the Harry Potter The film series compares to none, save perhaps the Dark Lord himself. Regarded as one of the greatest wizards to ever set foot on Earth, Dumbledore’s importance to the Potterverse can hardly be overstated.

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The Hogwarts headmaster was a guiding light for many of the school’s young wizards, and his presence invoked a sense of calm when everything seemed to go wrong. Besides Harry Potter, if there was any character who deserved to play the lead role, it was Dumbledore, but there were a few reasons why he didn’t.

10 Should Have: Hogwarts Secrets

Without Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts can’t even imagine. It is as if the place is made of your soul. Despite watching Harry crawl through the hallways of the school for a long time, there are still many secrets and stories hidden within the walls of Hogwarts. Stories only Dumbledore and a few know.

With Dumbledore as the lead, fans would have had a chance to learn more about the magical place. After all, Harry could only see and tell about Hogwarts in the years that Potterheads watched him grow from a child to a teenager.

9 It wasn’t: know the Potterverse from the inside out

Harry Potter knew nothing about the wizarding world as did many of the fans who had not read the books. With Harry, they all set out on a journey into the unknown, which is something that would not have happened with Dumbledore, or with any wizard who knew about the world of Hogwarts.

Dumbledore knew too much about the Potterverse and as a result, there was no way he could have given the creeps as fans witnessed with Harry.

8 Should have: Personal life

Aberforth Dumbledore and Ariana Dumbledore had minimal screen time, but their appearances made fans realize how little they knew about Dumbledore. Everyone has seen the charismatic Headmaster of Hogwarts but no one knows anything about Dumbledore, the family man.

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Dumbledore had many secrets and his family was as big as anyone. Also, the fact that he never spoke about them made fans more suspicious and desperate to know more.

7 It was not: meant to be the guide

Harry Potter Richard Harris as Dumbledore

Dumbledore’s character was not intended to be more than a simple guide, as Voldemort was never his fight. He was not the Chosen One and all he could do was prepare Harry for his dark future.

Dumbledore was the most important of the least important characters. It was a special attraction, appearing in fewer scenes than many, but its influence on the story was stronger than any.

6 Should have: Voldemort’s Equal

There was only one wizard in the Potterverse that Voldemort feared to face alone and with good reason. Dumbledore was a magical genius, who had the power of the Elder Wand supporting him.

Without using any of the dark arts like Voldemort, Dumbledore could make the Dark Lord sweat for his life. If the headmaster of Hogwarts had been the protagonist, Dumbledore vs Voldemort would have been something to see.

5 It wasn’t: never got involved

If everything had been shown from Dumbledore’s point of view, most likely fans would not have been able to witness the wacky adventures of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron during their childhood.

Dumbledore was hardly ever involved in getting rid of potential dangers at Hogwarts. He always liked taking the back seat and most of the time, the fans would have been immensely bored.

4 Should have: Relationship with Harry Potter

Severus Snape’s memories conflicted with everything fans came to understand about Dumbledore’s relationship with Harry Potter.

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The way Dumbledore spoke to Harry made it seem like he cared for him when in reality, he was simply preparing him to face his death. It would have been fascinating to see what Dumbledore really thought about Harry during the years he was growing up.

3 It wasn’t: show school life

Members of Dumbledor's army at the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter

In the early years, when Harry Potter had just joined Hogwarts, Dumbledore was not a prominent presence. With Harry, fans got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of Hogwarts, which is something that would not have happened if Dumbledore had been the protagonist.

The life of a wizard growing up in Hogwarts had as much drawing power as anything the Potterverse could offer.

2 Should have: Horcrux Hunt

Dumbledore was one of the few people at Hogwarts who knew about Voldemort and his Horcruxes. When the Dark Lord returned, Dumbledore began to wonder about its presence and, as such, found one deep within a mountain range.

While fans were able to see the final location where the Horcrux was located, they were unable to see how Dumbledore searched for that location. If the story was told from their point of view, fans could have been taken on a surreal Horcrux hunting trip with Dumbledore.

one It wasn’t: the death factor

Although Dumbledore’s death came out of nowhere in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, always felt imminent. It just had to happen for fans to witness a showdown between Harry and Voldemort.

It was a carefully constructed chess move by the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The ultimate tactic to motivate Harry and Severus Snape to do their respective jobs. The move was brave and was a big enough reason not to make Dumbledore the center of attention, as he wouldn’t have been able to see the whole story.

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