HBO has “hope” for the second season of ‘Lovecraft Country’

Showrunner Misha Green is currently working on ideas with writers, but her schedule could be tied up soon.


It is Lovecraft country Is season 2 happening or what? That’s the question that has been on fans’ minds since the show’s first season ended in October, and so far HBO hasn’t said whether the series will continue. The first season fully adapted Matt ruffThe novel of the same name, as it combines science fiction with historical drama to tell a story about race in America in the 1950s, and showrunner. Misha green it burned down history at a rather spectacular rate. But that does not mean that there is no more story to tell.

HBO boss Casey bloys tells Deadline that the network is “hopeful” that Lovecraft country Season 2 will happen, adding that Green and a small team of writers are currently discussing ideas for what a second season could be:

“Misha is working with a small team of writers and they are giving an idea. She had a book to go on in season one, she and the writers wanted to go and take some time to go out and find out without a book with these characters, what is the journey we want to go on. We all want to be sure you have a story to tell. That’s where she is right now, working on those ideas. I have high hopes, as does Mischa, so we are giving them time to work ”.

But Green’s schedule got much more complicated, as it was announced in January that she will take over as director of the tomb Raider sequel starring Alicia vikander. Filmmaker Ben Wheatley She had previously been assigned to direct the follow-up to the video game adaptation, but Green is now writing and directing the sequel, which could take up a significant chunk of her time for years to come.


So shall Lovecraft country Does season 2 happen? There’s no guarantee, but HBO is mulling over the possibilities, and if it does happen, we can probably expect Green to have a more limited role in writing and showrunning.

For more on the HBO series, check out our spoiler-filled interview with Green about that ending.

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