HBO says no new Harry Potter projects in active development

The director of content for HBO and HBO Max denied rumors that there is an active Harry Potter television series in the works with HBO Max.

Despite previous rumors in January, HBO confirmed that there is no current live action. Harry Potter television series in development for its streaming service, HBO Max.

“There are no deals,” said Casey Bloys, director of content for HBO and HBO Max. THR.

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Bloys added: “I would go back to a more comprehensive statement on franchises: I think DC, game of Thrones, Harry Potter – Warner Bros. has decades of important intellectual property, Harry Potter being one of those. It’s a huge plus for WarnerMedia, and of course we want to use them in a way that makes viewers, subscribers, and fans happy. “

Previously, it was reported that HBO was in the process of meeting with writers to develop a television series based on The Wizarding World. When asked further about this fact, which sources claimed that HBO was listening to releases at the executive level at this time, Bloys responded, “I have nothing to add beyond your diligent reporting.” Bloys did not deny or confirm which pitches, how many and who was potentially pitching a series with the network.

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When pressed further by Deadline for an answer to a possible project stage, Boys said, “I wouldn’t even say it’s embryonic at this point,” denying there are writers attached to a project currently.

Currently, NBC Universal owns the exclusive broadcast rights to Harry Potter film franchise, including its spinoff film series based on the world Harry Potter Text book Fantastic beasts and where to find them – which will expire in 2025. The eight Harry Potter Movies from the original series are currently available to stream on NBC Universal’s streaming platform, Peacock.

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While there is no confirmed television project in the works, the Harry Potter The universe continues on the big screen with its spinoff series prequel. the Fantastic beasts and where to find them continuation, Fantastic Beasts 3: The Crimes of Grindelwald, is in production but is currently on hiatus due to a crew member testing positive for coronavirus.

Written by author JK Rowling, Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone launched in 1997 and launched a seven-book series that includes The Chamber of Secrets, The prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The order of the Phoenix, The half-blood prince Y The Deathly Hallows. Each novel was subsequently adapted for film by Warner Bros., beginning with The Philosopher’s Stone in 2001.

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Source: THR, Deadline

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