Immortal Hulk brings an Alpha flight hero who could discover EVERYTHING

In Immortal Hulk, Leonard Samson needs help getting back into his body, but he may need the help of an original Alpha Flight member to do so.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk # 43 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts and VC’s Cory Petit, out now.

While Henry Peter Gyrich has been trying to capture and retain the Hulk, he has failed every step of the way. Even when he brought in Gamma Flight to help, they were unsuccessful, nor did they seem to care enough to keep trying.

Gamma Flight retired after Leonard Samson took over Sasquatch’s body, and Gyrich brought in the U-Foes to take his place. Now that Gyrich has villains working for him to stop the Hulk, at least two members of Gamma Flight are searching for a key to solving the entire predicament the Hulk has found himself in. And in Immortal hulk # 43, they also found someone who could help them open up the whole thing with former Alpha Flight member Shaman.

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Shaman in Hulk

When he was resurrected, Samson took over the body of Sasquatch from Walter Langkowski, and Shaman made it clear that the only reason he’s helping him is to help return his friend Walter to his body.

Samson and Joe Fixit were both in personal prisons at Below-Place. Joe Fixit was one of Bruce Banner’s alternate personalities and is now on Earth and in control of a Hulk that was in ruins due to having much of his gamma radiation removed from his body. Samson had been there since his death, but now he’s not even in his own body. Samson appeared on Sasquatch’s body in The immortal Hulk # 40 and let everyone know what the leader was executing in the lower place. He also said that he found Walter’s Green Gate and went through it, becoming Sasquatch.

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And now it’s time to find Samson’s real body. When he and Gamma Flight quit, Samson told Gyrich that he had no idea where his real body was, he only said it was at a place called Shadow Base Site G. He lied. It turns out that Shadow Base Site G was the original gamma bomb test site, and he knew his body was there all the time, but he didn’t want Gyrich to know.

That’s where Shaman comes into the picture. One of the original members of Alpha Flight, Shaman’s real name is Michael Twoyoungmen, and he only joined Alpha Flight at first because he was concerned about a patient of his, a goddess known as Snowbird. Although he has a strong mystical talent, he has always preferred his role as a doctor. Samson hopes that Shaman has the powers to help him return to his body, allowing Walter to return to his. Shaman is a master of Sarcee sorcery, and he uses a mystical bag that carries the items he uses for his spells.

Shaman and Leonard Samson

However, Shaman could help thanks to other magical powers. Another of Shaman’s powers includes astral projection, so there is a chance that he could see what was happening at the moment. It also has the power of restoration and can change altered beings to their original forms. He also has telepathy and can detect evil, and can use various totems. If anyone outside of Doctor Strange can help Leonard Samson and Walter Langowski return to their bodies, and even possibly solve the mysteries of Below-Place, that is Shaman. It could even alert Marvel mystical heavyweights like Doctor Strange to what’s going on in the venue below.

Shaman will have every chance to prove his worth based on the huge beast that attacks them in the final moments of this issue. With his powers of astral projection and the change of beings to their natural form, he could save both Samson and Walter, and he is one step closer to discovering the nether place and saving Bruce Banner once and for all if he survives his. next battle. .

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