Interview: Comicstorian’s Benny Potter Takes On Blood Shots With Next Brave Story

Popular comic YouTuber Benny Potter talks about his writing debut in Bloodshot # March 12, writing a backup story.

After years of dissecting and discussing comic book stories like the popular YouTuber Comicstorian, writer Benny Potter is taking the reins of one of the most important characters in Valiant Entertainment Bloodshot. Writing a backup story in March Bloodshot # 12, recapping the character to introduce readers to what makes the fan-favorite antihero so relentlessly badass, Potter takes the character’s storyline and simplifies it for new audiences.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Potter talks about getting the go-ahead to write for Valiant, explains the appeal of the Valiant Universe, and pokes fun at what fans can expect from his endorsement story.

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CBR: Congratulations on the concert! How did you come up with this opportunity to write a backup story for Bloodshot?

Benny Potter: A few years ago, I was looking for a way to get into the comics industry. But he wasn’t sure which was the proper route to take. I was debating the possibility of submitting portfolios or posting myself, but the world of YouTube and podcasting generally keeps me busy. So my general concern was that this would just become a project that I started and couldn’t finish. I was explaining this to Josh Johns of Valiant at the time and he asked me how I felt writing a backup.

His suggestion was that I can test the industry from the writer’s side without committing to a giant project. So we worked on it back and forth, but eventually, it got shelved. I took it as a fun experience and went back to doing my YouTube content and podcast. A few years later, I came up with the idea of ​​making a video that would explain my time trying to write a comic and I approached [Marketing & Publicity Manager] Gregg Katzman to see how the company would feel about it. Once they found out that I wrote it years ago, they felt it would be a good fit for number 12 to bring everyone up to speed!

As someone who narrates and discusses comic book history across the board, what is the special appeal and quality of the Brave Universe?

Potter: The Valiant Universe has always been exciting to me because it only recently rebooted. We all love being a part of the history of DC and Marvel comics, learning how it all comes together or how our favorite superheroes come together. But the problems you run into is that it is so long, that so many little things have happened that it is almost impossible to investigate.

But Valiant Universe takes the elements we love from those other brands and has only recently been rebooted. You can jump right into the beginning and catch up on a solid month of reading. That’s the appeal to me, it’s easy to follow.

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To expand on that, what is it about Bloodshot that you were interested in having the opportunity to explore as a writer?

Potter: Bloodshot’s character doesn’t even know his own story, which is what I found interesting about writing his summary. Basically, tell the story of a man who does not know his.

What can you joke about your next Bloodshot story?

Potter: It will be one of the best starting points as we tell you its story!

After discussing comics as a fan for years, what is it like to get to write one?

Potter: A completely different experience. We all sat down to talk about how we can improve all the comics out there. But once you finally get a chance to write one, it’s something new. You no longer try to fix something, you just want to add to history or, in my case, recap the existing one.

With the lead feature written by Tim Seeley and illustrated to Pedro Andreo, and a back-up story written by Benny Potter, Bloodshot # 12 goes on sale March 10 at Valiant Entertainment, and the last day for comic book stores to pre-order. Bloodshot # 12. Is February 15th.

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