Jeremy Renner shares final set photo with RDJ and Chris Hemsworth

While working on Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner recalls his time working on Avengers: Endgame by sharing a photo from the set with RDJ and Chris Hemsworth.

A new Avengers Endgame The set photo with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth has been shared by Jeremy Renner. It’s been almost two years since the MCU Phase 3 culminating film hit theaters and it seems the Clint Barton actor is getting nostalgic for his time working on the project. This is in the middle of him busy filming his own Disney + series, Hawkeye, with Hailee Steinfeld.

Retaking the tragic end of Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame marked the final departure for the MCU’s founding heroes. After skipping the initial fight against Thanos, Hawkeye returned to the franchise with a different and more ruthless person, Ronin, as part of his grieving process due to the loss of his family. Finally, he turned around and assumed his identity as a bow and arrow bearer. The three-hour movie was primarily a love letter to MCU fans who had been with the franchise from the beginning, so in addition to wrapping up the Infinity Saga narrative, it was also a pleasure to see the original Avengers and the actors. who played them spending some time together, potentially for the last time.

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Taking him to his official Instagram account, Renner posted a picture of himself, Downey Jr., and Hemsworth joking between takes while working on Endgame. In the caption, he expressed how he misses his two co-stars and the rest of the MCU cast. Check out his post below:

Since Renner did not give any context behind this image, it is unknown when it was taken. With that said, there are clues throughout it all that could help figure out what they were filming during this part of the production process. Given the background, it’s that this was on the Avengers headquarters grounds or Stark’s Lake house where Iron Man’s funeral took place. But since Downey is present here, it’s likely that this was what first, when the four remaining Avengers processed Black Widow’s death on Vormir in exchange for the Soul Stone. Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo were most likely close too, but they may have been busy with other things.

In time, a plethora of Avengers Endgame The behind-the-scenes footage has surfaced online after years of the cast and crew saving those snapshots so as not to spoil the movie. Marvel Studios did a great job defending themselves against intermediate leaks Infinity war and its sequel so that everyone involved in these projects also had to be very careful about what they posted online. So once the blockbuster was in the open for all, they were religious in sharing these memories with the rest of the world, not that this image emits anything pertinent regarding the film’s complicated narrative.

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