Koro-sensei vs. Lloyd: Which comic book-dominated anime hero is strongest?

Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom and Lloyd from Last Dungeon Boonies are ridiculously strong anime characters, but which one would win in a fight?

Over the past decade, anime has heralded the rise of the dominated anime protagonist, a character who is too strong to fit the standards of his world, whose power makes it almost impossible for them to lose. While One hit manSaitama is the best known example, he is far from the only one. Koro-sensei in Assassination classroom He is an alien-looking entity, once human, who intends to destroy Earth, that is, after teaching a classroom of students that they all want to kill him.

By contrast, Lloyd from the anime series and light novels Suppose a boy from Last Dungeon Boonies moves to a home town He is an adventurer from a legendary town full of the strongest people in the universe who come to a town full of ordinary people. Both are compelling characters with unsurpassed strength. However, which one is really stronger? By analyzing the peaks of his power, it becomes clear which one would win in a battle.

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How powerful is Lloyd?

Even given Lloyd’s displays of power thus far, it’s difficult to determine how absurdly strong he is and how high his limits are. He can cross a continent in six days, although his grandfather can cross it in two. Anything other than a demon lord is a slight inconvenience to Lloyd. Even with his maximum strength masked with uncertainty, we know that he can launch multi-ton monsters through the air like feathers.

Additionally, Lloyd has knowledge of various runes that further enhance his abilities. One of those runes she wears on a kerchief can deactivate Princess Selen’s cursed belts from the cursed belt that had encircled her face for years. His knowledge of the runes is so advanced that even the so-called magic experts from the village he travels to mistake the ancient runes for scribbles rather than artifacts.

Lloyd is just great at everything, but he’s so naive about it that he has no idea. He nearly killed a man with one blow during a sparring fight, unaware of his incredible strength. After breaking every bone in his body, he recovers in a matter of hours instead of several months. Even demon lords, entities that can eradicate entire planets, Lloyd sees as manageable threats.

Still, due to the comic nature of Suppose a boy from Last Dungeon Boonies moves to a home townLloyd has yet to be pushed to his absolute limits, indicating that there is a vast untapped pot of power.

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How powerful is Koro-Sensei?

Because Assassination classroom Being a complete shonen manga, the limits of Koro-sensei’s power have been explored. Koro-sensei was once a human, but underwent a series of grotesque antimatter experiments until he was transmuted into an alien-looking tentacled creature. This makes him a monstrous entity capable of incredible power. He has several abilities that emerge throughout the series, some of which are quite unusual and impractical in his battle against Lloyd.

Due to Koro-sensei’s unique physiology, almost all weapons are ineffective against him. With the exception of anti-sensei weapons, created from specialized material to be effective against Koro-sensei, all traditional items are useless. Koro-sensei can regenerate from almost any injury and sense anything around him, reacting with super speed in response. Plus, it can generate powerful laser bursts that can eradicate anything they touch, not to mention it can be liquefied and reassembled. It’s so fast that you can create multiple afterimages of yourself, all of which you can teach to your various students.

One of his most important skills is his form of absolute defense. It compresses into a singular point, creating an impenetrable defense that nothing, save perhaps the laser from the Spear of Heaven satellite, can break. Of course, there is also Koro-sensei’s. reclaimed famous feat of destroying a large part of the moon.

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If Lloyd and Kuro-sensei fought, who would win?

Determining who would be victorious in a fight between Koro-sensei and Lloyd is quite tricky. While Koro-sensei is powerful and can probably react to anything Lloyd throws at him, Lloyd is also too strong to be hurt by him. Or, at least, apparently. The factor that could tip the balance in Koro-sensei’s favor is that he is an extraordinarily talented and experienced assassin and fighter, allowing him to know how to break a target. On the contrary, most of Lloyd’s success is accidental. It is due to Lloyd’s inexperience that he does not understand how immensely dominated he is.

However, while Koro-sensei’s experience gives him the advantage of fighting and killing abilities, Lloyd could have an advantage with his vast knowledge of runes. While none of Lloyd’s weapons are anti-sensei matter, it is possible that he could break the core of Koro-sensei’s abilities using any number of his reality-altering runes. If Lloyd could deny Koro-sensei’s antimatter, that could leave him in his human form.

Still, all of this requires Lloyd to attack Koro-sensei and knowingly break his power level, and it is necessary to remember that Lloyd has a tendency to solve all problems by accident. Considering his absurd luck, Lloyd might inadvertently select the correct rune to negate Koro-sensei’s abilities.

However, barring the possibility of Lloyd breaking the core of Koro-sensei’s power, he is unlikely to defeat the antimatter being. Unless Lloyd uses magic to damage Koro-sensei’s specific physiology, it appears that Koro-sensei could emerge victorious from the battle, although it is unlikely that Koro-sensei has anything in his power to kill Lloyd. While Lloyd may find the right rune to reduce his opponent to a human assassin, it appears that Koro-sensei takes the victory.

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