Magic: The Gathering ready to ban an important card

Wizards have revealed that Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath will be banned soon, even when the card is thrown in a Secret Lair on Valentine’s Day.

Wizards of the Coast recently announced the latest series of products in the Secret Lair series – The Smitten Superdroplet. Designed as a special Valentine’s Day promo, the Superdrop contains five smaller secret lairs, one of which is Showcase: Kaldheim – Part 1. The pack contains three “Titans” from previous Magic games, all with the exhibition treatment given to cards from the newer game. Kaldheim. One of those three Titans is Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath, which sparked a Wizards addendum, stating that the card would be banned soon.

Uro is an incredibly powerful mythical rare creature, and had previously prohibited in Standard to lower the power level of the infamous “Four Color Omnath” deck. The card is now set to be banned in various other formats, including Modern, Historic, and Pioneer. All of these formats operate at a higher power level than standard, but are still invaded by the Theros Titan. It’s a particular staple in Modern, where MTGGoldfish found it to be the most reproduced creature, appearing in about a fifth of the popular format deck lists.

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This is due to the extremely high power level of the card. Designed as one of the mainstays of Escape mechanics, Uro provides a tremendous amount of value to the decks that play it. For just three mana, it allows those players to draw a card, gain three life, and even “boost” by playing a land from their hand. All of that would be fine if it weren’t for the other half of the card’s text, which allows players to bring it back over and over again by exiling other cards from their graveyard. Each time they do so, they draw more cards, gain more life, and play more lands.

Wizards often offers the reasoning behind a ban alongside the ad itself, but this is a special case where Uro has been listed as banned before the formal update. This is likely to avoid a moment of “upset” for players requesting the release version to include in their decks, only to find that they no longer can. Wizards stated in the announcement that they were “continuing discussions” about the card’s legality at Legacy, meaning that Commander and Vintage could soon be the only homes for the mythical green-blue.

Note: We are planning an upcoming B&R announcement. In that announcement, we plan to ban Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath from Pioneer, Modern, and Historic. Additionally, we are continuing discussions on how to do the same in Legacy. While we are still working internally on B & R’s largest announcement for that week, we wanted to share this information before this sale.

Showcase: Kaldheim – Part 1 is available for purchase from February 12-21.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast

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