Mandalorian fans campaign for Lucy Lawless to replace Gina Carano as Cara Dune

Following the firing of Gina Carano at Lucasfilm, fans of The Mandalorian are advocating for Lucy Lawless to be cast as the new Cara Dune.

Disney + fans The mandalorian campaign for Lucy Lawless to be chosen as the new Cara Dune after the firing of Gina Carano. Cara was introduced in The mandalorianFirst season, with dead Pool Actress and former MMA fighter Carano playing the former rebel shock trooper. He quickly became a vital ally for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in his quest to protect young Grogu (also known as Baby Yoda) from those who wished to harm him. Cara appeared in The mandalorian Season 2 as well, and while one could argue that the final episodes tied their arc pretty well, there are definitely more stories to tell.

However, Cara Star Wars The future is currently a giant question mark. For some time, Carano has sparked controversy over his various social media posts, which many have flagged as anti-Semitic, transphobic and anti-mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. This reached a boiling point on Wednesday and, that night, Lucasfilm issued a statement saying that Carano had been fired from The mandalorian and the rest of the Star Wars universe.

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Since it seems likely that Cara was going to intervene The mandalorian season 3, fans were quick to think of a suitable solution to Carano’s sudden firing: hiring Lucy Lawless instead. Many have pointed out the Xena: warrior princess the actress would be perfect to play Cara; Not only does Lawless have the same type of physique as Carano, but the two actually look similar. Based on the large number of people supporting this idea, it might have some merit.

If Lucasfilm wishes to keep Cara Dune as a character, they could do a lot worse than casting Lawless. Cara’s presence in The mandalorian season 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the news that Carano nearly scored his Star Wars The spin-off indicates that there is interest in further developing the character. If that’s the case, Lawless would be the perfect choice. Fans are already behind the casting, and Lawless has shown his action skills between Xena Y Ash vs. Evil Dead among other things. Additionally, he already has some ties to Lucasfilm, having provided his voice for two episodes of Star Wars resistance.

As Carano’s firing is still so new, it seems unlikely that Lucasfilm will announce its plans for Cara anytime soon. They are likely still going through things and deciding what is best for the franchise. Reportedly, The mandalorian Season 3 will begin production in April, so there is still time to decide how to handle Cara in the future. It is not certain that they will rephrase it, but if they do, they will hopefully consider Lawless. She has everyone’s support right now, and it would be really amazing to see her and Din team up in season 3.

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