Married at first sight: why fans think Chris did the show for money

Chris Williams, star of Married at First Sight, gets a lot of heat from fans. He has annoyed viewers and now fans believe he made the show for money.

Protagonist of Married at first sight Chris Williams is a walking red flag. From his behavior at the wedding to the hideous treatment he gave his new wife, Paige Banks, the successful business owner is the epitome of the man parents tell their daughters to stay away from. Now, fans are criticizing him for doing the show just for money.

Season 12 of Married at first sight it’s the most chaotic so far, mostly because of Chris. Fans of the show are dumbfounded that his narcissistic personality has surpassed the experts, lending more credence to already existing doubts about the professionals’ experience. Unfortunately for Paige, lost time is probably all she will have at the end of this season. Chris has not made an effort so far. He told the producers that he was not “100% attractedTo Paige, but he went ahead and slept with her on their wedding night anyway. Chris knew he didn’t find her physically attractive, but he proceeded to consummate their marriage to bring them closer together. The way he’s navigated his time on the show so far has left viewers with a bad taste in their mouths when he appears on screen.

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Now fans in Reddit I have theorized that Chris continued Married at the first breatht for money. Chris was evicted last year after his business went under. However, the Chicago native founded three more companies. One fan chimed in and said: Speaking as an attorney, anyone can file articles of incorporation or articles of organization for a proposed business by paying a small fee to the Secretary of State ($ 100 to $ 110). ” So it is possible that even though you started your businesses, they are still not operational or not profitable. Another fan said: “You have to break with the way you spend. I don’t care how much money I make. His whole outlook on life tells me that he probably has very little savings and would be in serious trouble if the money stopped coming. “

Chris Williams II married at first sight

Most frustrated fans took it out on the fact that pundits keep casting narcissistic dudes like Chris. However, it is evident where he gets this personality from, as viewers have also called out his father. “Sinister.” Obviously, the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Could Chris have manipulated the production and the experts to participate in the show? Possibly.

Paige has been through a lot with Chris already and it looks like the drama is starting as her ex-fiancée Mercedes Myrick could appear on the show, with the surprise announcement that she is pregnant with Chris’s baby. Although fans have nothing but anger towards Chris, they are supporting Paige and hoping that he finds her happily ever after.

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Married at first sight airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

Source: Reddit

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