Marvel characters as a ‘bad ex-boyfriend’ stereotype

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of the most popular franchises for years, and there is certainly no end in sight. These superheroes have been known and loved by many, many fans, and every aspect of them has been discussed and analyzed. Of course, not even these legends can be saved from the Internet.

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With social media, everyone has accepted that there are some pretty cliché and stereotypical “bad exes” types. Time to dive in and tag these characters based on how they would likely act after the relationship. Even a superhero has to be an ex.

10 Steve Rogers – The One Who Got Away

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is America’s sweetheart for good reason, and there are a lot of good things on paper about this guy. He is smart, ambitious, charming and romantic. He is a guy who is there to warm your heart and check all the boxes.

However, you could break it because the chemistry and passion just weren’t there. Still, you’ll look back and realize that you can’t do better than Captain America.

9 Scott Lang – The ex with benefits

Scott lang

Scott Lang might not be total marriage material for most fans, but they would be more than happy to hang out, have a drink, and be up close and personal.

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You would date Ant-Man and then you would realize that they are best friends. Of course, there may be some added benefits, because you can’t resist texting him late at night to laugh.

8 Natasha Romanoff – The Heartbreaker

Natasha romanoff

This ex is impossible to forget. They will pop into your mind when you are lonely or bored, and then you will also remember that they smashed your heart into a million pieces.

They are mysterious, charming, beautiful, and more and are likely to break your heart over and over again, if you give them the chance. Still, you don’t hate them. No one could hate Natasha, but it’s not hard to see that the Black Widow has broken some hearts.

7 T’Challa – The ‘good on paper’ type

T'Challa Black Panther

Honestly, T’Challa has nothing wrong with the role. He’s ambitious, strong, independent, funny, and totally handsome. Of course, T’Challa is not the most sensitive or present type.

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There is something missing in this relationship, regardless of how much your parents love it. No hard feelings, but it’s too perfect to work.

6 Peter Parker – The ‘Good Boy’

Peter Parker School (Tom Holland)

This ex is super sweet. He is loving, innocent and a lot of fun. He will always make you feel loved, but then it turns out that he may not be ready for a serious relationship.

Not only is Peter still young, but he’s so sweet as cake that it’s impossible to hate, but it’s also pretty hard to get serious. At the very least, you’ve never dated someone nicer and this Spider-Man is still adorable.

5 Bruce Banner – The Backup Plan

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is probably too good for anyone, and it is really very difficult to hate this character. If he was an ex, he would always be in the background of your mind.

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At 40, he would be your backup, and the two of you have already promised each other that you would be together before you feel lonely. Bruce would be a great guy to be with, even if he was the Hulk.

4 Carol Danvers – The Avoidable

Carol Danvers

This stereotype is about a relationship that ends very, very badly. You’ll break up, but somehow, you still cross paths, and each time it’s an absolute horror.

It was complicated, and although they were a great person, this relationship is not one to remember. Captain Marvel has a lot of value, but she would probably also be this kind of ex. All the fans have seen their spite and your ambition.

3 Thor – The flasher again

Thor Ragnorok

This one could hit Jane Foster too close to home. Thor is the God of Thunder and has a lot on his plate. He’s fun, hilarious, and can be totally romantic, but he’s also in his own world half the time.

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You will break things, but then the weekend will come back and you will fall in love all over again. It’s hard to let go, and who would want to give up Thor?

2 Clint Barton – The Ghost

Clint Barton Endgame

Hawkeye has had some bad luck, but it’s actually pretty obvious that he would be the ghost as he basically disappeared from the face of the planet (after 50% of people did).

The ghost just disappears after a breakup. Before one could wonder what went wrong or talk about the closure, they would be gone before I could blink. Clint is there to laugh, but if things get ugly, he’s long gone.

one Tony Stark – The ‘Bad Boy’

Tony Stark Iron Man 1

This is the ex that your parents hated and who always turned you on, but somehow, you still can’t forget the fun and spontaneity of the relationship.

They blew your mind, and they’re mysterious, funny, smart, and charming. There’s nothing but good memories here, but you know you couldn’t make it last for a reason. Tony Stark is the “bad boy” of all.

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