Mass Effect: How The Weapon System From The First Game Was Revised For Better

Mass Effect’s first weapon / mod system was clunky and cluttered, slowing down the game. Good thing they replaced it.

The classic Massive effect The trilogy is about to be relaunched in the Legendary Edition, giving a new shine to Commander Shepard’s adventures across the galaxy. These games are shooter / RPG hybrids, where the player can customize exactly how Shepard looks like and how they operate in the line of duty. But can the weapon system keep up?

The first Massive effect The title is quite experimental and its gameplay differs somewhat from the next two titles in the series. Commander Shepard can become a biotic god or savvy tech expert to rival Tali’Zorah, or Shepard can fire through a deep weapon locker (pun intended). But even Shepard might have too many weapons for the mission at hand.

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Weapons in the first Mass Effect

commander shepard's mass effect

In the first Massive effectCommander Shepard has access to all manner of weapons, from pistols with great stopping power to shotguns for firing at close range and sniper rifles to blow up a Geth’s flashlight head from afar. Interestingly, Shepard can use almost any type of weapon regardless of class, but it is difficult to maximize Shepard’s talents for all of these firearms.

So Shepard can customize those weapons with in-game mods, and each weapon type has more than one brand. Then each type of weapon has 10 models available. Shepard will get lots of different firearms and mods, and very soon, the Commander’s inventory will be full of military hardware, but there is a limit to how many can be had at one time.

Shepard can use some of these weapons and assign the rest to her squadmates, and mods can be used, but that hardly slows down the mess. It takes time to find the best weapon / mod / character fixes, and this is exciting at first, but can be exhausting for some players. Worse still, it becomes tedious to melt a lot of unwanted items into omnigel, especially if the player waits until the last minute. It’s a lot more fun to customize Commander Shepard through his looks, personality, powers, and choices, so the next two games wisely tone down the role firearms play in all of this.

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How Mass Effect 2 reviews the weapon system

Some Massive effect fans may find the complex and deep weapon system of the first game rewarding, rather than exhausting. However, these games have much more to offer than space rifles, and most fans can greatly appreciate how Mass effect 2 check the weapon system.

In the second game, Shepard’s class determines what types of weapons are available (usually two), and Shepard can sometimes use a skill slot to obtain a third type of weapon if he wishes. Shepard can choose one of the few different models of each weapon class and move on with the mission, without worrying about finding that new Hurricane VIII model or whether the Scimitar family of weapons is better. Instead, Commander Shepard’s battle performance is best expressed through the commander’s choice of powers, such as Incinerate, Concussion Shot, or Slam (a biotic power), as well as Shepard’s selection of squadmates.

Better yet, the second and the third Massive effect the titles feature heavy weapons that the first game didn’t have, like the sleek black hole pistol, a rocket launcher, and even a heavy duty flamethrower to turn those Vorcha to ash. No more omni-gel hassles or hurricane / typhoon / scimitar problems; Just grab a rifle, pick the right teammates, and get moving.

The third Massive effect swings the pendulum back to the deepest weapon system of the first, but the player doesn’t have to constantly melt things into omnigel and clear the space. Omnigel is a fun idea, but it doesn’t really contribute much to games. It is not necessary to carry the weapon system with it.

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