Minecraft player creates Portal end credits song with note blocks

An innovative fan turned his Minecraft landscape into a parade of note blocks and songs in a tribute to Portal, complete with portal looping flames.

The game Minecraft is a center of creative genius, which is probably what has kept the game so popular for a whole decade. The gameplay may be simple, but the possibilities are endless. There are incredible builds throughout the Minecraft universe, on huge multiplayer servers and in private single player games. An ambitious gamer made the ending credits song of Portal off the note blocks, and the amount of effort that went into resulted in something incredible.

To make it more impressive, the creator made this in vanilla survival mode, so they had to deal with hunger and angry mobs while building their masterpiece. Most players who undertake a project like this choose to stay in creative mode and some even require modifications to bring their vision to fruition. Recently, a gamer created a crossover with Beat saber, bringing rhythm-based play to the hectic world of Minecraft. The creator used a modified version of the Vivecraft mod, so it can even be played in virtual reality, taking advantage of all the chaotic energy of Beat saber in this innovative project.

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Posted on Reddit by user minoan8128, the huge building has enough note blocks to play the melody of Still Alive, the song GlaDOS sings at the end of Portal. The song begins in a note-block room that looks a lot like a test chamber, and as the camera follows the music, there’s a surprise when viewers suddenly break through the wall and see a huge mountain with the Aperture Science logo. Fans of Portal You’ll notice when you look closely that the background is also full of references to the game, including falling companion cubes and a flame jumping from portal to loop all in time with the music, which the creator explains is made using pistons to push. the blocks around. One of the funniest parts is the ending that recalls the last moments of PortalBut viewers wonder if this cake is a lie.

Minecraft It’s been around long enough for players to have had the opportunity to push the limits of the game, creating bigger, more complicated and inspiring projects. Last year someone managed to do Minecraft playable in Minecraft. This nifty gamer made every block in Minecraft an individual pixel and ran the game within itself.

This is what it does Minecraft so special. Fans of all stripes and games are free to express their creativity, turn their ideas into reality, and spend their time doing something that makes them proud, no matter how big or small. Players do not have to be artists or musicians to create something in the simple game, although there are creations that come from people with talent and, more importantly, a lot of passion and hard work. This creator does the song absolutely justice, and fans of Portal you should definitely spend some time absorbing all of the video.

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Minecraft It is available on PC, Android, IOS, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and New Nintendo 3DS.

Source: minoan8128 / Reddit

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