MODOK’s Stop-Motion series includes two great X-Men villains

MODOK co-showrunner Jordan Blum revealed that two of the X-Men villains will appear during the series.

Marvel MODOK will feature the appearance of a pair of classic X-Men villains.

Showrunner Jordan Blum confirmed on Twitter that Mr. Sinister would make an appearance on the show, posting a design of the crazy geneticist on Twitter. “For those who missed it, the fabulous Mr. Sinister will appear on [Marvel’s MODOK] in all its deep V-neck glory, “Blum wrote, also suggesting that fans read the Hellions Marvel series and confirm Sinister’s design was also influenced by X-Men: The Animated Series.

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During an interview with ComicsXF, Blum also revealed the character design for Brood Queen, who will also appear on the show. The Brood are a parasitic race of aliens, designed to be the ultimate predators of the universe, and have taken on the X-Men as well as other superheroes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy.

At last year’s New York Comic-Con Metaverse event, Blum and co-showrunner Patton Oswalt confirmed that Marvel had allowed them to use multiple characters from the X-Men mythos. “We introduced a couple of characters, like … some even in Universe X. We said, ‘I don’t know if they’re going to say yes to this.’ And they said, ‘Yes, go ahead,'” Patton said in a video interview. .

Marvel MODOK stars Patton Oswalt as MODOK, Aimee Garcia as Jodie, Ben Schwartz as Lou, Melissa Fumero as Melissa, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Monica Rappaccini, Beck Bennett as Austin Van Der Sleet, Jon Daly as Super Adaptoid and Sam Richardson as Gary. The series will air on Hulu, although it has yet to receive a premiere date.

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