My Hero Academia should get the Dragon Ball FighterZ treatment

My Hero Academia is a massive franchise and it’s still growing. Now is the perfect time to present a game in the style of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

My hero academia It is one of the most prominent anime properties of the last decade. The franchise already has multiple toys, a couple of video games and an anime. As the love for the franchise continues to grow, it becomes more difficult not to compare it to another incredible shonen series. Dragon Ball. The long-running series has already released one of the community’s biggest fighting games called Dragon ball fighterz. With the comparisons continuing, the chances of a similarly styled game for My hero academia they are infinite.

Dragon ball fighterz takes the 3v3 2D fighting style found in games like Marvel vs. Capcom and send the action to new heights. Each available character offers powerful attacks that cover more than half of the screen and deal massive damage to the opponent. The game also features amazing cinematic moments that would be perfect for the My hero fan base. The franchise has released fighting games with titles like Arena Fighter, The justice of my hero one. However, a game similar to FighterZ he would focus less on movement and more on combos and power.

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Each fight will feature a beautiful and devastating array of powers. If the game had a cel-shaded-like finish like FighterZBakugo and All-Mights Detroit Smash’s explosive hands would look amazing and straight out of the anime. The cell shading would also focus more on the speed and power at which the characters fight and would make each hit look and feel as crunchy as it sounds.

The stages found in the game would also offer a chance to see how intense each fight could be. By making them completely destructible, players would be able to hit their enemies hard enough to throw them into a completely different part of the map. The transition between stages could feature unique animations for each character and increase the damage of whoever is on the receiving end.

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Every hero and villain in My hero academia has a unique ability called quirk. There are no two that look or operate in the same way and that is why a wide range of possibilities opens up. With so many chapters of the manga, many quirks would be available to the player, and it is important to make sure that they are all distinct and fun. With a 3v3 format, players can use certain combos to combine perks and create myriad permutations for maximum damage. However, not all quirks work well together. Therefore, players would be forced to strategize with the best quirks to use based on the opponents.

The fighting game community has fallen in love with Dragon ball fighterz for its perfect graphics and simple gameplay. He has been a part of many major tournaments and stands out with his contemporaries as a great all-around fighter. A My hero academia version of this game could have the same potential and maybe even exceed FighterZ due to its enormous popularity. Players cannot get enough of the story or genre and a fighting game of this style would be a hit.

Dragon ball fighterz It is a fantastic game but it suffers from too many Gokus. However, more heroes and villains keep being added to My hero and they show no signs of stopping. That same variety in a similar game would make a huge and varied list that no fighting game fan can resist. Since each hero and villain is so unique, the options would never feel out of date. My hero academia a long time ago Dragon ball fighterz style game, and all you need is the perfect opportunity.

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