Naruto: 10 Ways Being A Ninja Ruined Kakashi’s Life

Despite being portrayed as a laid-back ninja, Kakashi suffered greatly through risky missions, deadly wars, and tragic losses.

Kakashi Hatake is one of the main characters of Masashi Kishimoto Naruto Serie. He is the leader of Team 7 which comprises Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, possibly the three most important characters in the entire series. Kakashi teaches the three of them what it means to be a ninja and thus plays a huge role in making them as cool as they are today.

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Being crucial in the plot of the story, it is no surprise that Kakashi has a deep backstory tied to him and, like many other characters, has suffered quite a bit in the past just because he is a shinobi.

10 Kakashi had to fight a war when he was a kid

Kakashi Hatake was a born genius and feared throughout the shinobi world even as a child. He became Jonin at the young age of 13 and, like all other children, was thrown into the Third Great Ninja War because the village lacked manpower.

Although he did well on the battlefield, it was fraught with tragedy for him, and the losses he suffered there were immeasurable for him.

9 Kakashi lost an eye in the Third Great Ninja War

One of the first things Kakashi Hatake lost during the Third Great Ninja War was his left eye. During a mission, Kakashi and his team encountered a Kumogakure ninja who managed to kidnap Rin.

While fighting them, he joined forces with Obito Uchiha, and although he was successful in doing so, he ended up losing an eye in the process. Later, he received an eye transplant from Obito, but at great cost.

8 Kakashi lost Obito Uchiha in the war

In the same mission, Kakashi Hatake also ended up losing his best friend, Obito Uchiha. Due to the tremendous ability of the Kumogakure ninja with Earth Release, escaping was extremely difficult and would have been impossible for everyone if Obito had not saved Kakashi from a falling rock.

With half his body crushed, Obito accepted the fact that he would die and gifted his other Sharingan to Kakashi. Surprisingly, Obito lived, but Kakashi didn’t find out until later in the story.

7 Kakashi lost Rin Nohara in the war

If Obito’s loss wasn’t enough, Kakashi also ended up losing his only other teammate, Rin Nohara, who was attacked by Madara Uchiha. The Uchiha legend planned to turn her into the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki and have Kakashi kill her so that Obito would join her side.

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Madara succeeded in his plan and, although Kakashi did not want to kill her, she willingly stood up to his attack and died a painful death.

6 Kakashi suffered from PTSD after the war

Kakashi Sixth Hokage

Although Rin decided to jump in front of Kakashi’s Raikiri, to him, it felt like he had killed her. This hurt him especially more since he had promised to protect Obito at all costs before he “died”.

Unsurprisingly, this image haunted Kakashi and he suffered from PTSD and would wake up almost every night in a cold sweat, dreaming of killing Rin over and over again.

5 Kakashi had to join the Konohagakure ANBU

Kakashi was a skilled ninja from a young age and because he had certain qualities that fit an ANBU ninja, he was asked to join the team. Before long, Kakashi rose to the top and became an ANBU Captain.

However, his time in the ANBU was much more damaging to him, as he had to kill others on a daily basis. Every time he pierced someone with his Raikiri, he reminded them of Rin and made his trauma even worse.

4 He was transformed into a ruthless killer

At heart, Kakashi Hatake has always been a kind person, but his time at ANBU made him a ruthless killer. Over the years, Kakashi has killed many people, including some that one would expect him to forgive.

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His life had lost all color when he left the ANBU and only after having his own shinobi team did he manage to hear his heart once more.

3 Kakashi lost Minato Namikaze in the nine-tailed attack

Among the few people Kakashi Hatake could trust was Minato Namikaze, his sensei. Kakashi looked at him and had nothing but respect for him. Minato was also the last known person from his team to be alive, aside from Kakashi himself.

Unfortunately, when the Nine-Tails hit Obito, Kakashi also lost Minato, and his entire team was now dead to him. Once again, being a ninja ruined his life.

2 He was forced to suppress his emotions and to shrug.

Kakashi had faced quite a few difficulties in his life from the beginning and even though there is no solution to just getting over it, showing emotions and letting them out always reduces the burden.

Unfortunately, Kakashi couldn’t even do that because shinobi are expected to suppress their emotions. Emotions have long been believed to be a weakness for ninjas and therefore Kakashi could never properly mourn the loss of his loved ones.

one Kakashi couldn’t stop his student either

Kakashi was the leader of Team Seven until the end of the Naruto series and one of the most troublesome parts of the team was Sasuke Uchiha, who had seen circumstances similar to Kakashi Hatake’s.

As such, Kakashi understood him quite well and wanted to help him by overcoming the need for revenge and making sure that he became an excellent shinobi. However, he could not prevent Orochimaru from influencing him and leaving the village. As expected, Kakashi also blamed himself for this.

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