New Vancouver Reality Show Is A Mix Of Bling Empire And Sells Sunset

Agent Unbreakable wants to steal from Bling Empire fans. Can the reality show duplicate the incredible reality show success of its predecessor?

With the success of Bling Empire, it wouldn’t be long before others tried to ride the show’s big wave. Get in Unbreakable Agent, a new reality show filmed in Vancouver, Canada. The show’s high-end premise may sound familiar to anyone paying attention to reality TV trends.

Bling Empire has been called a mixture of Crazy Rich Asians Y Selling Sunset. That show follows a group of friends who live in Los Angeles when they aren’t taking a private jet to Paris for a spontaneous shopping trip. The main cast is Asian and Asian-American and they are all incredibly wealthy. Bling Empire was filmed in 2019, allowing the cast to travel and host lavish parties without restrictions. Despite the show’s popularity, Netflix has yet to confirm a second season, although Kevin Kreider could have hinted that it will happen. Now, there is a new contender on the horizon of reality, Unbreakable Agent.

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Unbreakable Agent is trying to steal the impatient audience, describing himself as a mix of Bling Empire Y I am selling Sunset. It has not been picked up by any channel yet. It stars Layla Yang, a flight attendant turned real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada. In Dracco Pacific Reality, she has 40 agents working for her. Her co-stars are fellow agents Anzhelika Devaikina, Edward Zhang, Eric Kalsi, Kevin Gurniak, and Shane Xiao. The group doesn’t just sell old houses. They specialize in luxury homes that cost up to $ 100 million. See a preview down:

It seems that Unbreakable Agent will feature a fair amount of controversy, like its predecessor Bling Empire. In the teaser, a woman can be heard accusing Lyla Yang of seducing her husband, and the headlines show that Yang was accused of allegedly threatening a client. Another scene shows a couple arguing that work interferes with their relationship. So if the show is retaken, reality fans can anticipate a dose of drama to accompany the glitz and glamor of the ultra-stylish mansions.

While a reality show generally has a full season before fans begin to question how real it is, viewers of the clip have already pointed out how incredibly written it looks. One criticism is that the show’s cast members don’t seem to feel the emotion behind the lines they’re saying. These lines feature all the exaggerated cliches of typical soap operas. In general, reality shows are accused of being at least partially fabricated, and fans are suspicious in that regard about Bling EmpireGroup of friends. Unbreakable Agent it can receive the same anti-aircraft fire or even more shadow. Since Netflix has not given Bling Empire Season 2 the green light, viewers want something akin to bingeing. Nevertheless, Unbreakable Agent you may not be able to fill the void.

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