Nintendo Switch Online: February Free Game Additions Explained

Nintendo Switch Online offers four more firsts from the distant retro past, but which ones are worth more than a glance from modern gamers?

Nintendo Switch Online’s NES and SNES collections can be great resources for gamers looking to explore the history of the company’s games, but some of the darker inclusions may leave fans scratching their heads. Sure, almost everyone has played The world of Super Mario Y Link to the past, but what is it Fighting brothers And why was it deemed suitable for inclusion when so many other notable games remain on the sidelines? While no one outside of Nintendo is likely to be able to answer many of those questions, it’s easy enough to review the four rarities included in this month’s drop and see if they are still worth playing for the average Switch owner.

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This is not to say that all of Nintendo’s retro game selections are unknown. Part of the reason the company continues its slow trickle of retro releases may simply be because most of the easy inclusions are already available to Switch owners. Fans are certainly still waiting for some releases like Super mario role play Y LandBut players can log in to replay the vast majority of Nintendo’s output from their first two US home consoles whenever they want.

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The rest of the library features games from a few select third-party publishers, and this is where some of the more obscure games already on the service come from. The aforementioned Fighting brothers is a perfect example, as it’s an early beat ’em up that didn’t leave much of an impression compared to many other games in the SNES library. Still, these obscure releases allow gamers to get a full picture of what was available for consoles at the time. Simply replaying the hits will skew the story toward the same nostalgic ideals that make some people yearn for the imaginary world of 1950s sitcoms. With that said, here’s a breakdown of the four obscure titles Nintendo chose for this month’s Nintendo Switch Online lineup.

Nintendo Switch Online: What is Prehistorik Man?

snes prehistoric man cover

One of the many means of communication from the 90s to address the prehistoric era, Prehistoric man is an SNES platformer developed and published by Titus. It is the third game in a series of platforms for MS-DOS and various computer hardware, and saw a later port of the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DSi in the 2000s.

Far from being a simple matter of running and jumping, Prehistoric man introduced non-linear levels and targets to the mix, which was certainly ahead of its time in 1995. While the basic platform certainly isn’t the best, it’s a great example of what SNES could do very late in life from a graphical perspective .

Nintendo Switch Online: What is Doomsday Warrior?

Doomsday Warrior SNES Box Art

1992 Warrior of the Last Judgment followed a different trend from the 90s, serving as one of the many fighting games that emerged after Capcom’s debut. Street fighter 2. As is the case with many early stabs in the genre, this fighter from developer Laser Soft is not the balanced affair modern fans have come to expect.

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While it can be fun to laugh with a friend, it’s hard to get much value from Warrior of the Last Judgment In modern times.

Nintendo Switch Online: What is Fire ‘n Ice?

Fire and Ice NES

The only NES offering from this month’s retro selection, Fire and ice is a puzzle game developed and published by Tecmo in 1992. It is the prequel to Solomon’s Key, a game now available in the Switch retro collection. The main game consists of creating blocks of ice and then pushing them towards obstacles, including flames that block the way ahead. The gameplay, which is similar to Lode runner, it’s interesting enough that it’s worth a try once the Switch version arrives, especially for fans of retro puzzle games like Q * bert looking for something more than a modern match-3.

Nintendo Switch Online: What is Psycho Dream?

Psycho Dream SNES

Completing the collection is Psycho dream, a game making its North American debut on the Nintendo Switch Online service. Developed and published by Riot in Japan, the action game was destined to hit American shores in 1993 as Dream probe. Despite the fact that several magazines reviewed the localization effort with mediocre scores, it was never actually launched in the United States. However, due to the scores at the time, it might be another title more useful as a historical novelty than a retro hidden gem.

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