A character who captures the epic nature of One Piece is one of the world’s most influential characters from the hit series, Gol D. Roger.

When it comes to iconic characters that can be described by the word “legendary”, there is no anime or sleeve Quite similar One piece. This series has some of the most masterful storytelling of all series, be it anime, manga, or anything else.

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One character who captures that epic nature is one of the world’s most influential characters from the hit series, Gol D. Roger, more commonly called Gold Roger. This powerful pirate became the number one enemy of marines and pirates around the world, accumulating a bounty of 5,564,800,000 bellies, the highest bounty of any pirate in history. All his great qualities came together to make the perfect storm to reach this state.

10 Gol D. Roger is easily one of the most ambitious pirates of the ancient era and of all time.

This pirate captain had his eyes set on the highest possible prize since the beginning of his maritime adventures. Building his fame over the years, Roger made a name for himself that became known to many throughout the world.

No pirate was truly at his level until the growth of the Worst Generation and of course his soulmate, Monkey D. Luffy, is the only one who can truly compare to the impact he had on the world during his time wandering the seven. seas.

9 Roger is seen by many as one of the most powerful pirates of all time, if not the most powerful.

goal d roger power

In the world of One piece, one cannot simply have intelligence or great leadership skills to be recognized as a great pirate. These seas are filled with some of the most powerful characters out there and Gold D. Roger is recognized as one of the best out there.

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Many see Roger as one of the pirates, if not the most powerful of all time. He has been called an unstoppable force when it comes to combat, and not many can match his prowess in battle. The only two that can be compared are Monkey D. Garp and his rival Whitebeard.

8 A strong pirate requires a strong crew and Roger’s was absolutely phenomenal

crew gol d roger

The legendary “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh, one of the most powerful pirates of all time being Roger’s first mate is a great proof of this.

Kuri’s daimyo in Wano Country, Kozuki Oden, a very powerful pirate, was also a member of the Roger Pirates. Along with his crew, Roger faced and defeated a large number of enemies, going so far as to destroy an entire military force simply by insulting his crew.

7 his influence really changed things and inspired other pirates

goal d roger young

One thing the Marines don’t enjoy is getting inspired by other pirates, as seen with the adventures of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirate crew. This is one of Roger’s “mistakes” that he has no regrets.

His great companies caused a stir among all the pirates around him, and he and his crew ushered in an era of piracy like none before. As seen with the flow One piece world, his influence really changed things and the stories told by the pirates of his day show that without him things may not be as great as they are now.

6 being recognized as the Pirate King actually brought the Marine’s attention to Gol D. Roger

pirate king one piece

If inspiring all the pirates who heard of him didn’t do it, being recognized as the Pirate King really drew the Marine’s attention to Gol D. Roger. After the discovery of Joy Boy’s treasure and the story of “Laugh Tale” spreading like wildfire, all eyes were on the new Pirate King, putting a bigger goal on his head than ever.

Both the pirates and the Navy forces targeted Roger and his entire crew with the mission of getting that treasure. This, of course, led to the dissolution of the Roger Pirates and the beginning of Roger’s plan to have a son who would find his hidden treasure.

5 Become an enemy of the Marines

roger goal fight

Roger feared no one and became a constant thorn in every Marine’s side.

This is a surefire way to become the most wanted pirate of all time. Of course, not just any marine enemy accumulates the bounty that Roger did.

4 Never running from a fight and ending everything that started

goal d roger hard head

Like Luffy, Roger is not a coward and will never run from a fight. This put him in the position of finishing whatever he started or was led into.

Many criticize him for this personality trait, but Roger didn’t care and had the power to back up his decisions.

3 Conquered Grand Line

goal d roger was

No pirate can boast of the achievements that the Pirate King has. In addition to his vast fortune and the discovery of Joy Boy’s fortune, Roger has conquered the land of adventure.

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That land is one of the most unpredictable places in the world of One piece, the Grand Line.

2 He spoke those famous last words

gol d roger death

Gol D. Roger not only inspired pirates during his lifetime, but also sparked an era of pirates like no other before for those who followed him. He did this not only through actions but with his last words, one of the best quotes in the series.

“My treasure? If you want it, I grant it! Keep looking! Everything the world had to offer, I left in that place!”

one The golden age of pirates began

worst generation

Those last words kicked off the Golden Age of Pirates that Oda is introducing to readers and watchers of One piece now.

This great age would not have come into being if it weren’t for the most wanted pirate of all time. However, he may not have that title for much longer if Luffy has something to say about it.

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