Pretty Little Liars: 10 Times Hanna Said Everything Fans Were Thinking

The main characters of pretty Little Liars They are relatable in their own way, but there is something especially real and honest about Hanna Marin. From falling in love with Caleb Rivers to her sometimes silly statements, Hanna never beats around the bush or pretends she doesn’t have an opinion, and that’s why fans love her.

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Throughout PLL Seven seasons, Hanna had some good and bad stories, but one thing was for sure: she always approached situations with her trademark wit and frankness. Whether it’s talking about other characters or her unique way of seeing the world, there are plenty of quotes from Hanna that fans find super relatable.

10 “She is just insecure.”

pll hanna mona

In the first season, Spencer and Hanna were sitting together when Mona came over to chat with them. Spencer was upset and Hanna said, “She’s just insecure.”

Mona was behind much of the drama on the show, as she was the first “A” and was behind the liars. Even in Season 1, the main characters could tell that something was wrong with Mona and that she should not be trusted. Hanna summed it up when she explained that Mona was acting that way because she didn’t believe in herself and was worried about what others were thinking.

9 “You know what? Just don’t talk about the Biebs, that’s fine. You don’t know the Biebs, you don’t understand the Biebs. Or their hair.”

pll caleb hanna smile

In a funny and adorable scene from the first season, Hanna said this to Caleb about Justin Bieber. Even if fans of the show don’t feel the same way about the Biebs, everyone can relate to having a favorite singer, TV show, or movie that other people don’t appreciate or understand.

While Hanna could have dated many others, there was always something unique about her romance with Caleb. Their flirty jokes were adorable and spoke of how much they cared for each other, even when they were talking about pop culture.

8 “God! Why is no one allowed to have a secret?”

pll hanna

Hanna said this in season two and it could definitely be the motto of pretty Little Liars.

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Each character on the show has a big secret (and many more little ones) and they are constantly balancing their desire for close relationships and also hiding what they are ashamed of. Hanna really summed up what it’s like to feel like no one can keep anything hidden. For liars, their secrets are common currency for “A” to torment.

7 “If I don’t see another shovel again, it will be too soon.”

pll hanna

“A” texted the characters with some scary messages and in each episode, the mysterious figure was taunting the girls. By season 3, it got a lot worse.

In the third season episode “It Happened That Night”, the girls were dealing with a lot of grief after finding out that Mona was “A” and that their lives were getting messier than ever. Emily went to the grave where Ali was supposed to be buried, but the other liars realized that Ali’s body was no longer there. Hanna said this quote about shovels because she was no longer traumatized, and all fans could understand why she felt that way.

6 “Okay, I’m pretty sure Emily’s mom isn’t one of Mona’s secret ninjas. Are we supposed to be suspicious of everyone now?”

characters pll

While the main characters of PLL tried to make new friends over the years, it was true that it was difficult meeting new people when they were running away from “A” all the time.

Hanna’s statement that they didn’t trust new people was perfectly stated, and it’s definitely something that fans of the show regularly thought about. Every new person could be a suspect or part of the game, and Hanna was tired of wondering if they were all evil.

5 “I can’t go without a phone. That’s like walking without a brain … or shoes. “

pll hanna crop top black

When Hanna talked about how much she loved her cell phone, she said something everyone had thought at one point or another: that they are totally attached to this technology.

Everyone can relate to forgetting their phone at home and going to school or work and feeling so empty and strange. It definitely seems like something important is missing. Hanna just couldn’t imagine not being able to text, go on social media, or stay in touch with the world, and fans feel the same about their own phones.

4 “She can’t just disappear; this isn’t Hogwarts. There are only so many hallways and classrooms.”

pll hanna

In the season 4 episode “Crash & Burn, Girl”, Hanna was dealing with a complicated situation involving her mother. Ashley was in danger of being charged with voluntary manslaughter for Wilden’s death, and the main characters realized that “A” was also after him.

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In one scene, Hanna lightened the mood and made this joke about Harry Potter. Readers love the world of Hogwarts and it was great to hear Hanna making this pop culture reference, especially in the middle of an episode that was super heavy and dark.

3 “Spencer, you don’t need to know any more important words. You’re already scary enough for anyone under the age of fifty.”

pll hanna spencer

Spencer Hastings is known as the school-obsessed member of her group of friends, and has had a long list of tragedies, just like her fellow teenagers from Rosewood.

This Hanna quote is hilarious because it speaks to what many fans think about Spencer – she’s totally brilliant. Even when talking about the terrifying fact that “A” was stalking her and her friends, Spencer managed to sound like she was ready for college at any moment.

2 “I don’t think people change, Caleb.” They just get better at hiding it. But bad girls are still bad. “

caleb hanna pll

Alison DiLaurentis leaves her “bad girl” personality behind, but she wasn’t best friends with the other girls before she disappeared from Rosewood.

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Hanna may have sounded groggy at times, but she had her moments of wisdom, and this is a great example. While everyone wants to believe that people can change, especially if they were mean to others in the past, sometimes leaving toxic friendships or relationships behind is the only thing to do.

one “I’m going to listen to all the sad songs that I’ve downloaded over and over again.”

pll hanna and ashley marin sad

Caleb broke Hanna’s heart in the show’s third season, and in one scene, Ashley asked Hanna what she was going to do the next day, and this was Hanna’s response.

This is so easy to spot, since who hasn’t been in the mood to listen to songs or watch emotional movies that match their mood? It was always hard to watch Hanna and Caleb go through the ups and downs of their story, but thankfully, they got married in the series finale.

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