Razer Huntsman V2 analog vs. BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer’s Huntsman V2 Analog is a great keyboard to consider, but so is the BlackWidow V3 Pro, so which one offers the best advantage in gaming?

the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog offers some of the most advanced gaming features found on a keyboard. Although the BlackWidow V3 Pro might not be that advanced, it does come with some features that its more expensive counterpart does not. Razer recently introduced the latest version of its elite high-end Huntsman keyboard, along with a rich dose of new features.

Unlike the original, the Huntsman V2 Analog now comes with a magnetic wrist rest, USB 3.0 pass-through slot, and better-built dual PBT keys. Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro, on the other hand, also came with great improvements over the original, with dedicated multimedia keys, an additional wrist rest, and dual-shot ABS keys. That being said, the BlackWidow V3 Pro now sounds much closer to the Huntsman series than before, but with the added ability of having a fully wireless and customizable experience.

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So which of the two offers the most value in terms of features and pricing when it comes to gaming? the Huntsman V2 Analog it is Razer’s first analog optical gaming keyboard. Its pressure-sensitive touch keys and two-step activation functions provide an unprecedented advantage in making the game more immersive, while also making the controls feel less restrictive in the process. However, it’s also easily one of the more expensive keyboards, starting at $ 249. BlackWidow V3 It costs a little less at $ 229, but its versatile connectivity options make it seem a lot more expensive than the price suggests, comprising a detachable wired connection, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, via a dongle that has a dedicated storage slot under the keyboard.

Hunter vs. BlackWidow: pros and cons

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

There are many reasons to go for a mechanical keyboard, but when it comes to gaming, things can get more complicated. In terms of gaming edge, the Huntsman V2 Analog’s fully adjustable actuation and analog input give it another dimension of controllability that the BlackWidow V3 simply cannot offer. Implementing its two-step activation can seamlessly assign two functions to a button, opening many creative applications, not only for games but also for other productivity programs. The double-shot textured PBT keys also make it less prone to grease stains and subtle smudges, compared to the BlackWidow V3’s double-shot ABS keys. The additional USB 3.0 pass-through slot also provides additional peripheral support and daisy-chain capabilities, which is basically not possible with the BlackWidow V3. Additionally, it is paired with a magnetically attachable electric wrist rest that supports full RGB lighting, unlike the wrist rest on the BlackWidow V3 which not only cannot be secured to the keyboard itself, but is just a static, unpowered accessory.

However, the Huntsman V2 Analog only comes with a non-detachable wired connection, making it much less flexible, not to mention difficult to replace once broken. While its touch-sensitive analog input can open up many gaming possibilities, not all games support it, nor is the feature guaranteed to cooperate properly with other brand-name peripherals such as wireless mice, joysticks, and additional input hardware. Meanwhile, the BlackWidow V3 has a detachable wired connection along with two wireless modes. It uses Razer’s proprietary HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, resulting in latency that is almost indistinguishable from wired keyboards. This translates to instant game response times without the need to be tethered to a fixed area. It also comes with most of the Huntsman V2 Analog’s mechanical keys and multimedia buttons but at $ 20 less, albeit without the capability of the analog optical keys. It’s worth noting that playing wirelessly at full RGB brightness will only last a day, which might prove too inconvenient for some.

Generally, deciding between these two comes down to what users prioritize the most in games. For some, the added depth in gameplay that the Huntsman V2 Analog brings to the table will be important, while others may prefer the flexible, no-frills experience that the BlackWidow V3 offers. Regardless of their differences, Razer keyboards are still among the best in gaming, and the slightest difference in price should make either one a safe bet.

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