From registered nurse to model from the 90s in Milan, to countess and cabaret singer. Oh what a journey it has been for Luann de Lesseps, and thanks to Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York, devotees of the stunning brunette have traveled extensively with her.

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A fan favorite and the “classiest” cast member has had her ups and downs, and Lu has done it with the support of her fans. Unfortunately, even the noblewoman by marriage is only human, and mere mortals make mistakes, so even some of her most ardent fans had to criticize her.

10 Supported: her divorce from the earl

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Luann and Count Alexandre married in 1993 and the union produced two children: Victoria and Noel. They built a business empire together before divorcing in 2009 after 16 years of marriage. When she found out via email that her worldly husband was leaving her, that was enough to get everyone donning a Team Lu jersey.

The letter declared that the Count had met someone and that they were serious. Although the couple had been secretly separated for three months, Luann was devastated that she thought they were on hiatus, not preparing to break up.

9 It went too far: the pirate incident

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It was season five and the ladies of RHONY They took another legendary girls trip, this time to St. Barths, where they met Thomas “the pirate” Ribeiro. The group enjoyed a night at Le Ti club packed with tequila shots and a pirate-themed performance. The next morning, rumors spread that Luann brought the party, also known as Tomas, back to the village. Fans were unhappy with the simple smell of Lu cheating on Jacques.

On the August 7, 2020 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy CohenTomás, who now lives in Miami, seemed to clear things up: he and Lu hadn’t connected.

8 Supported: her relationship with Jacques

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With basically the same color and hairstyle, Luann and the French businessman were made for each other. It didn’t even seem like a big deal that he was younger than her. They began dating in 2010, about a year after her marriage to the Count ended. He also seemed to have a great relationship with Lu’s two sons.

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Unlike the countess, Jacques had never married before and wanted a family; hoped to start one with Luann, who revealed in RHONY that her chances of getting pregnant at her age were not good. She finally had to admit that having more children was not for her, so the couple broke up, but they remain very good and supportive friends.

7 Too Far: Fight Carole over Chef Adam

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It was the princess against the countess, when in season 7, after a chance meeting at Luann’s Hamptons home, Carole began dating Adam Kenworthy, who was on Lu’s payroll as a chef and involved with Luann’s niece. Luann, Nicole. Aside from the fact that he was 20 years younger than the author, the two women came to blows because Lu insisted that when Carole and Adam got together, he and Nicole were still involved. Carole denied it and insisted that Adam was available.

In the end, fans leaned more towards Team Carole as Adam and their romance seemed genuinely playful and happy. The trendiest couple from May to December dated from 2014 to 2017, and they remain close friends.

6 Supported: her divorce from Tom

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Everyone was delighted that Luann had found love again with wealthy businessman Tom D’Agostino Jr., who was a lifelong bachelor. But red flags were flying wildly ahead of her 2016 Palm Beach wedding. Bethenny even told her housewife friend OG, with photos, that Tom was with another woman at the bar at the Regency Hotel in New York. But she married him anyway and hoped for the best.

Seven months later, they announced their divorce, because the boyfriend, no matter how much he loved Lu, loved his single life more.

5 It was too far: Diana Ross’s Halloween costume

woman in white halter / diana ross

During RHONYAt the 2018 season premiere, the ladies attended Dorinda’s Halloween party, each wearing her own costume to raise her eyebrows, but Luann took the dress to an inappropriate level by introducing herself as the legendary Diana Ross. The countess was not only wearing a giant afro wig, but a white jumpsuit that contrasted with her skin that was excessively darkened with bronzer, it seemed as if she was wearing the black face. The words “disrespectful” and “racist” were used with good reason. Fans of RHONY– via Twitter – requested Bravo to fire Lu.

Consequently, de Lesseps has apologized and fans are hoping she has sincerely learned her lesson.

4 Supported: Lu vs. Ramona and Mario

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Anyone who has seen RHONY from season 1 has felt the vibration of jealousy emanating from the Ramona roller coaster whenever the countess was around, as Luann was much more prepared and higher up the social ladder than the blonde. manic, directing his passive-aggressive digs. at any opportunity.

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After her divorce from the Count, Luann was quite vulnerable, and since her identity was so tied to her title, she continued to use the nickname “Countess”. Mario Singer, Ramona’s husband at the time, got in on the act and called Lu: The Count-less, which everyone agreed was more than just nice; it was downright painful.

3 It was too far: the house in the Catskills

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If there was anyone fans would expect to see in New York or the East as part of the Hamptons scene, it was Luann de Lesseps. So when you announced the purchase of a home in the Catskills, home to hunting and fishing, as well as other outdoor activities, well, no. Just no. Even when he invited his co-stars to visit, they agreed that he was charming, but very rare.

However, it’s understandable that after her divorce from Tom, she seemed to need to step away from the social scene that made her meet men like the rich scion, binge drinking, and late night parties. But at the same time that she bought the property, the singer started her cabaret show, so she only visited the place about 10 times in 2 years. It was quickly released to the market.

2 Supported: his cabaret show

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With three hit songs: “Money Can’t Buy You Class”, “Chic, C’est La Vie” and “Girl Code”, Luann made her debut in 2017 with #CountessAndFriends, a cabaret show that sold out at the Venue. from Manhattan: Feinstein’s / 54 Below. Vanity fair Y The New York Times The magazine has been given rave reviews and Lu has signed a deal with Live Nation for an expanded national tour. His new show, “Marry, F ** k, Kill” was featured last season on RHONY.

de lesseps mixes his three original tunes (his latest: “Feelin ‘Jovani”) with covers of cabaret favorites, and hands the mic to Broadway’s “friends” and comedians (sometimes even Sonja Morgan) so she can change into her next glamorous outfit (Jovani?). The program also includes storytelling and questions and answers from the audience.

one It was too far: the drama in Florida

woman with police officer / woman holding her face

The date: December 23, 2017. The location: Palm Beach. Luann de Lesseps was arrested and charged with “Alleged disorderly intoxication, assault on an officer / firefighter / EMT, allegedly resisting arrest with violence and allegedly threatening a public servant.”

In the months that followed, he sought professional help and voluntarily checked into an alcohol treatment center. Lu recognized that “sobriety, yoga and cabaret” were three important elements of his life, as well as the support of family and friends. The Countess have apologized to their disappointed fans who have clearly given them the opportunity to redeem themselves by attending their cabaret events.

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