Richard Linklater had no idea what magic he stumbled upon when he brought Dazed and confused in the world in 1993. It wasn’t even a modest success at the time; it was a resounding failure. But in the intervening years a fervent fanaticism and cult status has grown around the film, which features such young talents as Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Parker Posey, before they got big.

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The most dedicated Stunned Devotees would surely resist the idea of ​​a remake, but as the 30th anniversary approaches, it is surely an idea that has been discussed by movie executives. To regain that purity and joy of coming of age, it would take a special cast, but this special reimagining group could just pull it off.

10 Pink: Adrian Blake Enscoe

Man in vintage clothing

As the film’s lead, Pink (Jason London) takes on much of the film’s narrative (or the occasional lack of it). The mistake here would be to hit a massive star. Instead, this role should be to make stars.

That’s where Adrian Blake Enscoe comes in. Until now, he is best known as one of the regular cast members on Dickinson, but that program allows to show a great variety of all its actors. Enscoe could definitely launch himself to stardom with a role like this, considering it would nail down his many eccentricities.

9 Mitch: Zendaya

Two people with long hair

A new version of Dazed and confused it would be a great way to address platonic friendships between men and women. After all, it is rarely seen on the big screen! Pink’s friend Mitch (Wiley Wiggins) sees a lot of things simply happen for him in the movie.

Zendaya would be an excellent choice to elevate that kind of passive characterization. Not only is she a magnetic performer, but she would also be adept at showing an agency that would justify the existence of a remake of this classic comedy.

8 Don: Austin Abrams

Boy in overalls

By Zendaya Euphoria co-star, Austin Abrams (who also starred on Netflix Dash and lily), he could perfectly fit in as Don (Sasha Jenson), the older brother-like figure who guides the film toward a complicated mix of rebellion and genuine affection.

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Abrams can display these traits effortlessly. It could pass for older, but not much older, and it’s certainly capable of balancing sweetness with a sense of sardonic wit. It’s as if he exists purely within Jenson’s creation lineage.

7 Jodi: Tahirah Sharif

Two women look to their left

As the older brother of the reimagined “Mitch” character, Jodi (Michelle Burke) needs to exhibit a sense of responsibility while still being able to let go from time to time. This balance, one might note, was well achieved in The curse of Bly Manor by Tahirah Sharif.

Like Rebecca Jessel, Sharif gave a performance that was torn between a liberated life and walking in the footsteps of responsibility. Jodi shows this on a much smaller scale, but Sharif would still be an underrated choice for the role.

6 Kaye: Olivia Rodrigo

Girl on her phone

The world has been exposed to Olivia Rodrigo in an important way, now that the actress has positioned herself at number one on the music charts. Why not capitalize on your rising star by placing it on a Dazed and confused double take as Kaye (Christine Harnos)?

It may seem ill-advised, considering that Kaye was a retired character and Rodrigo maintains great seriousness. But she’s already paid off some debts for the flawless Disney +. High school musical Serie. It is not difficult to imagine Rodrigo as a character who is ready to finish high school.

5 Slater: Nathan Fielder

Slater (Rory Cochrane) has an argument for being the most underrated character in the movie. Plus, he’s pretty much an embodiment of a sexy hottie and not an adjacent lusty hottie, like Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey).

Naturally, it makes sense to choose an actor who is equal to, if not cooler, than Slater. Obviously the first one that comes to mind is Nathan Fielder. The host of Nathan for you He can certainly pass for younger and has a bad boy attitude that is typical of Slater. Let those locks grow out.

4 O’Bannion: Paul Mescal

Ben Affleck is screaming

Fred O’Bannion (Ben Affleck) in Dazed and confused it may have helped launch the movie’s biggest celebrity. But in the actual context of the story, O’Bannion is probably the biggest jerk.

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This does not mean that Paul Mescal is also an idiot. It simply means that Mescal has an immense range and a Dazed and confused redux should definitely look for another rising star (Mescal is going places) to fill the role. Maybe he could even discover new sides to the character.

3 Mike: Jamal Murray

Jamal Murray points away from a flannel shirt!

Mike (Adam Goldberg) didn’t have the same level of launch pad as O’Bannion, but Goldberg certainly remains famous, even if he isn’t on Affleck’s level. However, it would be too easy to find another rising star like Mescal.

Instead, this type of dance-oriented character requires thinking outside the box. If the movie was shot in the summer (as it probably would), the rosters of NBA teams would be free to participate. Consider Jamal Murray, one of the league’s youngest phenomena. It’s too easy to imagine it in Mike’s wardrobe.

2 Wooderson: Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan contemplates the matter two years before Little Women

Believe it or not, it’s been over three years since Lady bird. That means Saoirse Ronan is probably no longer very likely to pass off as a teenager. But it’s a mistake to make movies without Ronan starring in them, really.

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This is why he deserves the famous role of Wooderson. Ronan would help tone down the character and make him more palatable for the modern age. It would even inject some seriousness and pathos into the figure, who is a little too old to be with these high school students. Ronan makes everything better. Pay attention to this.

one Cynthia: Phoebe Bridgers

Smiling and playing guitar

Cynthia (Marissa Ribisi) is one of the most laid-back characters in film throughout the 1990s, which says a lot. She is the type of character who seems to have the world figured out and is ready to conquer it at any moment.

Sounds like a role for Phoebe Bridgers, if there ever was one. Rock’s breakup from the music scene in 2020 will likely fall within the lineage of singer-turned-actor who crushes it. Also, Bridgers’ entire personality is based on the notion that she is cooler than everyone. This fits. The whole cast fits. Pay attention to this.

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