Actor Dustin Diamond recently passed away at the too young age of 44, and Saved by the Bell Both fans and co-stars have come out to express their grief upon hearing the news. Diamond was most famous for his portrayal of the nerd extraordinaire Samuel “Screech” Powers in the hit ’90s teen comedy about a group of friends going through the tribulations of high school.

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Diamond went on to court some controversy after his departure from the show, but tried to make amends, making the news even more tragic. In memory of Dustin Diamond, we share our picks of the best episodes with Screech Powers from the original. Saved by the Bell T.V. series. Condolences to the Diamond family.

10 The Gift (Season 1)

Scream after being struck by lightning

Only Screech could be struck by lightning and manage to not only survive but gain super powers at the same time. That’s exactly what happened in this hilarious episode when Zack sent him to the roof to fix a radio antenna and took one right over the head. In the process, he gained the ability to see into the future and that meant opportunities.

Zack quickly concocted a scheme to scam his Bayside rival, AC Slater, out of some money to gamble by claiming he would get an A on his history test. Unfortunately, Screech’s clairvoyant powers don’t last long, and Zack is the one left in shock.

9 Slater’s Friend (Season 1)

Screech visits Zack

Slater had a little friend named Artie, a little chameleon whom he decided to leave in Screech’s care while he left for San Diego for the weekend. It seemed like a good idea at first, until Screech found out that his other pets considered it a tempting snack. As a result, he left Artie with Zack.

They all blamed themselves for Artie’s death, but the real problem was Slater. He was devastated upon learning of Artie’s death, prompting the gang to give him heartfelt praise … and burial in the school bathroom.

8 Beauty & The Screech (Season 1)

Screech Kelly Teachers

When super-popular entertainer Kelly Kapowski is told she has to pass her science test in order to go to a George Michael concert, she turns to Screech for help. After all, Screech is to science what Zack is to women: natural. When he begins to tutor Kelly, the two form an immediate and close friendship, much to Zack’s chagrin.

Both Zack and Slater fear that Kelly is falling in love with Screech, absurd as that may sound. However, they soon realize that they had less in common than they thought and things soon returned to normal. While Screech takes it easy, Kelly ends up feeling horrible as a result.

7 Screech’s Birthday (Season 1)

The gang surprises Screech with a birthday party

Screech wasn’t very happy when his best friends somehow managed to forget his birthday. Rather than calling them for that, he became passive-aggressive by dropping less than subtle hints. When the gang finally found out why their mood was so bitter, they promised to make amends for their mistake.

The plan was to throw a surprise birthday party at Mr. Belding’s office, of all places. The problem was, Screech had been granted Hall Monitor privileges, which meant he was in danger of threatening his own surprise party.

6 Home Party (Season 2)

Screech, Slater and Zack

The Powers house was a bit eccentric, to say the least. Screech’s parents were longtime Elvis Presley fans, and they decided to spend their anniversary at Graceland to celebrate. They left Screech with a laundry list (to put it mildly) of house rules, one of which didn’t include parties or girls.

The boys decided to spend the night at home and began the festivities dancing in shorts, much to the laughter of the girls who decided to pass. When Violet, Screech’s love interest, accidentally knocked over his mother’s prized Elvis statue, it’s up to the gang to try and fix it before his parents return home.

5 Check Your Mate (Season 3)

Zack vs Screech in chess

Screech’s chess prowess was so good that he could have received his own cinematic treatment. In fact, he was so talented that rival school, Valley, decided to dig up a little about him to spoil his game. Violet’s lucky beret was stolen, which meant revenge was in order.

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Zack and Slater decided to jump in and even the odds by locking the Valley chess champion, a Russian exchange student, in a storage room while Zack takes his place. The objective? Throw the match, of course.

4 Auction date (season 3)

Screech and Jessie

Screech ended up getting a higher turnover when Bayside High decided to launch a dating auction with eligible guys for the ladies to bid on. Everyone learned a valuable lesson during the episode, but none other than Zack, who was forced to confront his own questionable moral character.

One of the highlights of the episode occurred when the neurotic Jessie Spano, furious that Kelly had bid on Slater after she banned him, decided to blindly bet $ 25 on the upcoming bachelor. It turned out to be Screech, prompting instant buyer’s remorse.

3 Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce (Season 4)

Screech Spaghetti Sauce

Screech’s grandmother managed to come up with an amazing recipe for spaghetti sauce, and the gang decided to sell it for cash. When things got better, a wicked rich girl named Robin (played by Punky Brewster actress Soleil Moon Frye).

Realizing what he was doing, the gang intervened, but they had a much bigger problem. Screech’s grandmother pulled the recipe out of a cookbook and the legal team threatened to sue. Zack quickly realized that he could kill two birds with one stone, taking advantage of Robin’s greed.

2 The Bayside Triangle (season 4)

Screech attacks Zack

The most powerful episode with Screech was without a doubt this one from season 4, which threatened to derail his friendship with Zack, permanently. It all started innocently enough, with Zack and Lisa sharing a spontaneous kiss that sparked some feelings between the two.

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When they agreed to pursue those feelings, Screech found out and was enraged. He had been in love with Lisa since kindergarten and did his best in the book to win her affection. In his eyes, Zack committed the ultimate betrayal, but Lisa intervened long enough to reason with him and make him understand.

one Graduation (season 4)

Screech like Bayside valedictorian

Screech was shown a lot of kindness in the final episode of the original series. It was graduation day for the Bayside gang, and that meant preparing for the final days before everyone left for college. However, not everything went well. In addition to Zack realizing she was missing a credit to graduate, Jessie was overwhelmed to learn that Screech was chosen as the top student, instead of her.

Kelly gave Jessie a good talk and reminded her that of all the Bayside kids, Screech was the one who always put his friends above him. Jessie decided to give up her disappointment and congratulate Screech on his achievement, even if he would have been perfectly fine letting Jessie be the center of attention.

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