Ethan Winters walks painfully slow in RE7. A larger map in RE Village would only compound the problem. It’s time for Ethan to learn to run properly.

Demonic resident it is in the middle of a new era. Resident Evil Village, the eighth installment of the main line Demonic resident games, marks the second time the survival horror series has used a first-person perspective. RE8 It will also bring back the faceless protagonist of his predecessor, Ethan Winters. Ethan is apparently a man who never learned to run, but he should probably fix that before he makes his way through the Eastern European village where Chris Redfield quickly takes him. RE8.

In Resident Evil 7, Subtitled Biological riskEthan Winters is nothing more than a man searching for his missing wife Mia. He arrives at the Baker plantation house in Dulvey, Louisiana, and experiences unimaginable horrors, horrors from which he cannot flee, both figuratively and physically.

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According to the Resident Evil 7 Official Web Manual, players only need to press the left stick to “run”. Execute is a pretty generous word for the action Ethan then performs. It’s more of a brisk walk. The slow speed of movement in RE7 It certainly adds to the survival horror atmosphere as players crawl through the corridors of the Baker estate, but they get boring late in the game. When Ethan is equipped with a pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher, and flamethrower, there is no longer a need to wander. Increasing the speed at which Ethan runs RE8 More open areas will go a long way towards improving the player experience.

Faster movement speed is a must for Resident Evil Village

What is Village Resident Evil 8 set in?

Biological risk delved deep into the survival horror genre in an attempt to distance himself from the ridiculousness of resident Evil 6, which was widely criticized for its exaggerated action pieces that felt out of place in the Demonic resident franchise. The first person perspective in RE7 and the methodical pace of the game works extremely well, especially at the beginning when it’s a true horror experience. However, once the game opens and players can more freely explore the Baker residence, movement speed becomes a real hurdle.

Resident Evil 8 promises a much bigger game in almost every way, including the playable area. The village of the same name is likely open for exploration, so the player shouldn’t be hampered by complicated tour mechanics. This is not to say that the entire game should be sped up, just that the “run” button should make Ethan do just that. Keep the movement slow where it really makes sense, like when trying to aim a firearm. However, without true racing mechanics, parts of the game could become a chore, such as taking it to a relative. Demonic resident merchant to stock up on supplies.

Resident Evil Village is out on May 7, and players are looking forward to Ethan Winters’ confrontation with the mysterious and very tall Lady Dimitrescu. Hopefully Ethan packed a pair of running shoes for his unexpected vacation in Europe.

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