RHONJ: Why Dolores Catania’s boyfriend is not happy with his plastic surgery

Dolores Catania’s boyfriend is not happy with her decision to undergo plastic surgery. He said he liked the way it originally looked.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Dolores Catania’s boyfriend is not happy with her decision to undergo plastic surgery. Obviously, he liked the way it looked beforehand. Ultimately, this may have caused a strain on their relationship.

The 49-year-old joined the franchise during Season 6 after many years of being friends with Teresa Giudice. The Paterson, New Jersey native was no stranger to arguments between women, as she used to be a police officer working with inmates. Fans came to love her tight-lipped, no-nonsense approach to life. the Real housewives again recently revealed that he underwent a tummy tuck. Fans always thought Dolores looked great, but they are happy with her decision to go under the knife.

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David Principe is not thrilled with his girlfriend’s decision to submit to the knife. In a sneak peek shared by @realhousewivesfranchise, the couple is seen talking to Dolores telling the cameras that he did not have the heart to tell her until the night before the surgery. Fans think this may have created tension in their relationship.

David already works long hours and the couple struggled to find time last season to bond. The doctor can be seen talking to Dolores and her son Franki about how their son has really escalated during the pandemic saying: “If you don’t spend time on it, you will never get it to grow.” Jokingly, Dolores commented on how she dedicated herself to improving her boyfriend. Although the couple is not engaged and Dolores admitted in the last meeting that she was “resentful,” they both seem fine. The conversation took a turn when Dolores tried to tell David that she needed to appear at more events, to which he said no. Then he changed the subject and asked: “Dolores, when is your next surgery? Because you didn’t tell me about this one.” The mother-of-two’s face seems to tense as she contemplates his response, admitting that things are “risky” between her and David after she underwent liposuction, butt lift and tummy tuck. The housewife made it clear that she did not receive support because David had never had elective surgery.

Fans noted that David was angry because he feared a complication. But Dolores was adamant and revealed that she didn’t need to explain herself as she was free to do whatever she wanted. She made her stand by telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t need the commitment that she thought she once had. Fans hope to tune in for the premiere episode later this month.

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