Sims 3: Hidden Springs and 9 more worlds that every fan should download

In February 2000, the first The Sims game officially released. Since then, developers Maxis have released hundreds of base games, expansion packs, stuff packs, game packs, and exclusive downloadable content for The Sims franchise, making it one of the most comprehensive games ever created. With each iteration of The Sims comes a unique look that sets each title apart from the rest, making each generation attractive in its own right.

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In The sims 4, the graphics and the gameplay are evidence of how far video games have come in the last 20 years. However, within the community, The sims 3 It is widely regarded as the best entry in the series given the sheer amount of content available during its five years of running. The sheer number of unique worlds that players can access is a feature that has been greatly missed since the launch of The sims 4, here are some of the most memorable locations The Sims ever released.

10 Hidden springs

Hidden Springs is a longtime fan favorite in The Sims franchise. Only the third downloadable world released to players, Hidden Springs is surprisingly well-developed for its age, with a wealth of hidden backstory that makes the game engaging while setting the tone for future installments.

Modeled after alpine resort towns, Hidden Springs is where rich and curious sims go to relax. Players can visit spas and ski lodges or hike through the woods in search of supernatural discoveries. There is a strongly guarded secret buried in this mountain town and fans of all different styles of play will enjoy discovering it.

9 Roaring heights

A promo photo of Roaring Heights from The Sims 3 with the boardwalk and roller coasters.

This world shows that there really is something for everyone in The sims 3. Heavily influenced by the fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle of the “roaring twenties,” Roaring Heights brings The Great Gatsby to the world of The Sims. The city of Roaring Heights features architecture inspired by Miami, Chicago and New York, along with bold Art Deco designs. The world incorporates many features that properly capture the carefree nature of the 1920s, including the introduction of boardwalk roller coasters, beaches, and raunchy NPC affairs for players to enjoy.

8 Monte Vista

A landscape from the world of Monte Vista from The Sims 3.

One of the most beautiful worlds The Sims has to offer, Monte Vista is an Italian-themed venue based on the royal city of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy. Monte Vista is a walled coastal town perched on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. Featuring traditional Italian architecture with terra cotta roofs and vaulted cathedrals, Monte Vista is one of the most beautiful and unique aesthetics explored in the series.

Like most downloadable worlds in The sims 3Monte Vista comes with plenty of surprises for players to explore, like baking fresh pizza in the new wood-burning pizza oven or unraveling the torrid relationship between the Monty and Capps families.

7 Sunlit tides

The islands and mountains of Sunlit Tides from The Sims 3.

Before Sulani existed, there were Sunlit Tides. Released shortly before The Sims 3: Paradise Island, Sunlit Tides shares many more similarities with The Sims 4: Island LifeCharacteristic island, Sulani. Where Paradise islandIsla Paradiso is heavily inspired by the bright renewed colonial aesthetic of the Caribbean, Sulani and Sunlit Tides reflect the mountainous volcanic landscapes of Hawaii and Oceania.

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This installment also sees the return of the Pleasant family, which joins The Sims‘rich intergenerational tradition. Players can explore tropical islands, visit white sand beaches, and immerse themselves in the shadows of the Sunlit Tide by applying for a position at The Lair.

6 Barnacle Bay

A boy dressed as a pirate poses in front of a Poseidon-themed fountain and a pirate ship restaurant in The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay.

Barnacle Bay, a port island populated by pirates, is every sailor’s dream. Barnacle Bay, a kitschy vacation spot, is full of small-town charm with themed shopping spots, lots of local history, and plenty of mysteries to uncover.

Players can have lunch on a converted pirate ship or search for the legendary Pirate’s Hideaway while enjoying the enchanting coastal scenery. Barnacle Bay also sees the return of the Caliente sisters, Dina and Nina, further deepening the tradition of the wind spread everywhere. the Sims.

5 Lunar lakes

A landscape shot of the lunar lakes in The Sims 3.

Lunar Lakes is a must for sci-fi fans. The alien tradition has always been present in The Sims franchise, but Lunar Lakes offers players a new perspective, like a nation of Sims stranded and prosperous on a foreign planet. Situated in a giant crater by a lake, Lunar Lakes is easily one of the most beautiful worlds in the franchise, with bioluminescent plants and rocks and massive mushrooms.

Sims can admire the alien landscape from inside one of the city’s large glass biodomes or search for rare collectibles in the area. This download also features the Tree of Prosperity which adds exclusive play opportunities to the game.

4 Midnight hollow

The Midnight Hollow shopping district in The Sims 3.

Midnight Hollow is a fan favorite among fans of anything spooky and mysterious. Imagine a city where the Addams family, the Munsters, and Tim Burton could be happy neighbors and best friends – that’s Midnight Hollow. Designed after the kind of gloomy Victorian towns where the outcasts of society often call home, Midnight Hollow is a respite for The Sims‘weirdest and most eccentric townies.

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The city is full of references to the horror genre, like the Yates and Flynn families poking fun at popular real-world properties. The city’s citizens and detailed backstory steal the show here and make Midnight Hollow an extremely interesting place for players to explore.

3 Lucky palms

A landscape of Lucky Palms in The Sims 3.

If there is something that is crucial to any Sims player, it is the opportunity of a unique game. For The sims 3Lucky Palms offers addictive new activities for Sims to enjoy. Inspired by Palm Springs and Las Vegas, Lucky Palms is a desert resort town nestled in a canyon valley fed by a mysterious and possibly magical well in the center of the city.

However, the most notable feature in the world is the addition of The Lucky Simoleon Casino. The casino presents gambling The Sims through slot machines and blackjack tables. Just like in a real casino, it is exciting to bet simoleons and make a fortune or have empty pockets. For the latter, at least The Sims has cheat codes!

2 Dragon valley

A landscape of Dragon Valley in The Sims 3.

Fans of high fantasy and medieval adventure are sure to love Dragon Valley. Nestled between a vast ocean and a rugged mountain, Dragon Valley is a city caught between ancient tradition and modernization. The city has all the standard amenities found in a The sims 3 world, beautifully redesigned to resemble settings from the medieval fantasy genre.

The stained glass dome of the day spa and the tented stadium are particularly creative. Separated from the independent title, Sims Medieval, Dragon Valley brings a variety of mystical collectibles and even dragons to the world of The sims 3.

one Adventureland

A real shot of unfinished Adventureland in The Sims 3: World Adventure.

This location is not so much a downloadable city as a development bug. Adventureland doesn’t exist for most The sims 3 players and shouldn’t exist at all. Adventureland is only accessible to players who downloaded the Origin version of The Sims 3: World Adventures after its release of patch 69. Functionally it looks like Sims 3 Sunset Valley base game world, but only has two sims and has no background.

Instead, Adventureland was created to test interactions and gameplay for The Sims 3: World Adventures It consists of three vacation worlds and does not have a home world of its own. Adventureland was released by mistake and is a fun Easter egg for players who like behind-the-scenes content or want to find the various differences between it and the slick Sunset Valley.

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