Six Days In Fallujah Returns After Cancellation, Will Feature Stories From Veterans And Civilians

The controversial and previously canceled tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah has resurfaced with a new publisher and developer for a release in 2021.

Six days in Fallujah has been resurrected after cancellation and will launch later this year for PC and consoles, promising to respect the stories of American and Iraqi soldiers and civilians, but many remain legitimately skeptical. The controversial game was once canceled by a different developer and publisher in 2009, without seeing the light of day, as many feel that the unpopular and lethal Iraq War is not something anyone should experience for entertainment. The Second Battle of Fallujah was one of many battles during the Iraq War that were scrutinized by the media and global human rights watchdogs to see how it took place.

The city of Fallujah was a hotspot during the Iraq war and ultimately led to what is considered one of the bloodiest battles of that period, and its high Iraqi civilian casualty rate makes its legacy of an American war crime. Six days in Fallujah takes place over a week in November 2004 where US-led Coalition forces entered the city, which had been largely fortified and prepared for urban combat by al-Qaeda insurgents. The battle sparked international ire over the tactics employed by the United States Marine Corps, which included the use of white phosphorous as a weapon. The fighting resulted in an estimated 800 civilian deaths, and the lasting effects on the local population reportedly include, but are not limited to, increased rates of cancer, infant mortality, and birth defects due to exposure to enriched uranium from the ammunition used. .

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These true horrors of war are what led to the game being originally canceled, right at the height of the popularity of games like the original. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Despite this, he has returned with a new developer and publisher. victory, founded by the CEO of former Six days in Fallujah Developer Atomic Games has teamed up with developer Highwire Games to bring heartbreaking events to gaming. The study is partially composed of aura Veterans like legendary songwriter Marty O’Donnell and game designer Jaime Griesemer. According to the companies, the restart Six days of Fallujah it is being carried out with the cooperation of more than 100 people involved in the battle, including combatants and civilians.

Six days in Fallujah He reportedly aims to tell the truth of what happened with first-hand accounts and interviews present in the game itself. “Sometimes the only way to understand what is true is to experience reality for yourself.“Said former USMC Sgt Eddie Garcia, who was injured in the battle.

Questions have already been raised about Six days of Fallujahlegitimacy. Recruitment for the US Armed Forces is currently at a low level, making this game propaganda-ready in a way that games like Call of Duty or Battlefield don’t commit yourself completely. Some fear that this may also be an attempt by the United States government to write history glorifying or excusing the reported war crimes committed during the Iraq war. The Victura founder also worryingly founded Destineer, a company that made training simulators for the CIA and FBI while also making an effort to develop narrative-based titles that could help deliver similar experiences.

The US Army has also been incredibly optimistic in its efforts to use the games as a recruiting tool, redoubling its efforts in recent years. The Army was heavily criticized in 2020 for its Twitch channel, which used fake gifts in a shameful attempt to recruit impressionable teens. The channel stopped broadcasting that summer, but has since returned.

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Six days in Fallujah will launch on consoles and PC in 2021.

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