Snoop Dogg’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked (According to Metacritic)

Snoop Dogg is a legendary rhyming spitter who also excelled at the business game with the cannabis-related product lines that bear his name, television ad campaigns, and real estate companies such as flipping his mansion with a considerable profit in 2007, to name just a few of its side projects.

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the Puppy The artist has also done more than dabble in film, starting his own production company, Snoopadelic Films, while accumulating 234 acting credits, according to IMDb. The 49-year-old has also continued to make music in the most recent stretch of his career.

10 Beach Tramp (55)

McConaughey and Snoop Beach Bum

This 2019 stoner comedy, starring Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Isla Fisher and Snoop Dogg, takes audiences to the Florida coast, where Moondog and his wife Minnie reside. A tragedy causes Moondog to rediscover his literary talent and finish his novel.

Snoop plays the character Lingerie, a marijuana enthusiast who is Moondog’s rich friend. Beach bum is an animated comedy with a little more to offer than director Harmony Korine’s previous party / stoner project, Spring breakers.

9 Baby Boy (55)

Baby Snoop Dogg

Baby is a crime / drama set on the streets of south-central Los Angeles. The film was released in 2001 and garnered quite positive reviews from critics. It was Snoop’s first major role in a feature film, acting alongside lead actor Tyrese Gibson.

Gibson plays 20-year-old Jody, the father of two boys struggling to make ends meet due to lack of a job or plan. Snoop plays Jody’s equally cunning friend / traitor, Rodney, who recently got out of jail. The two men are eventually caught up in a cycle of violence resulting from entangled romantic interests and drug trafficking. Snoop plays a rather dark role that tests his abilities as an actor.

8 Starsky and Hutch (55)

Snoop Dogg Starsky and Hutch

The 2004 comic reboot of the 1970s television drama employs a triple threat of hilarity in Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The star-studded cast of the comedy / action led to favorable box office performances, despite critics not seeing it as other early 2000s comedy favorites such as Dodgeball (2004) or Wedding crashers (2005).

Snoop plays crime figure Huggy Bear, a semi-informant on the two goofy and dysfunctional detectives, bringing his signature loot and some fun lines to the table.

7 Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp (56)

Snoop Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp is a 2013 documentary that tells the story of how a Chicago shopper became a distinguished author. His real name was Robert Beck, and he published seven books related to the complex story of his life before he died in 1992. Since then, several of his books have been published posthumously, such as Night train to Sugar Hill (2019).

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Snoop joins a panel of black celebrities that also includes Ice-T and Chris Rock, as they reminisce about Iceberg Slim’s career and metamorphosis, while emphasizing his cultural influence.

6 Turbo (58)

Turbo animation

This animated comedy / family from Dreamworks, directed by the Snoop and Ryan Reynolds tandem, was released in 2013. Reynolds plays the voice of Turbo, a snail who wants to run despite his natural flaws, while Snoop does the voice. of high speed. alpha dog, Smoove Movement.

Snoop’s signature voice adds extra life to the film, as he contributes to a diverse range of voices used in the film, including Michael Pena, Paul Giamatti, and Samuel L. Jackson. Turbo It may not have been as successful as the basic Dreamworks animations like Shrek or Antz, but it’s still a solid family movie.

5 Quincy (60)

Snoop & Clarence Avant in Quincy

Snoop Dogg is one of the many celebrities who were interviewed during the making of the 2018 documentary about Jazz’s goliath Quincy Jones. The documentary traces various stages of the musician’s career and celebrates his continuing influence.

Quincy It was co-directed by his daughter Rashida Jones and former banker turned musician / filmmaker Alan Hicks. Aside from Snoop, the film includes appearances by a diverse lineup of cultural icons from the past (Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney) and the present (Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar).

4 Something from nothing: the art of rap (66)

Snoop Dogg's art of rap

In 2012, Ice-T co-directed this documentary that includes a group of interviews of the best rappers and producers from various eras of the genre. Something out of nowhere he also traverses the country in his historic portrayal of the art form, including hip hop pioneers from the east, west, south and midwest coasts.

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Besides Snoop, hip hop lovers can enjoy interviews with Eminem, Kanye West, Nas, and various other legends who are still active today. Fans also don’t want to miss interviews with older MCs, like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim.

3 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (68)

Snoop Dogg and the Lonely Island pop star

Andy Samberg’s 2016 mockumentary focuses on Style Boyz, which consisted of the comedy music trio behind The Lonely Island, Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer. The critics seemed to love Pop star for satirizing the garish tone and saturation of mainstream American music.

Snoop appears as himself in the film for only a brief section, but it contributes to the overall hilarity of the film. Other cameos in Pop star They include Mariah Carey, Usher, Nas and much more.

2 Training day (69)

Washington and Snoop Training Day

Starring Denzel Washington as the veteran officer and Ethan Hawke as the rookie cop, Training Day is a drama / thriller released in 2001. The tension between the two officers arises when Hawke’s character, Jake Hoyt, is exposed to the greed and rule-breaking of his superior officer.

Snoop appears in this ‘chain of command’ police drama as street corner dweller Blue, while Dr. Dre plays Paul, an officer who eventually joins in taking the money found at the crime scene. However, both hip hop legends have rather brief parts in the film, which garnered recognition at the Academy Awards, as Washington won for Best Actor, while Hawke was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

one Dolemite is my name (76)

Snoop Dogg Dolemite

Dolemite is my name is a 2019 comedy / drama biopic that tells the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore, and more specifically, his iconic character from the blaxploitation films, Dolemite. Critics were wowed by the tribute to the ’70s movie star, making it one of the highest-rated Netflix movies ever.

Snoop plays the supporting role of Roj in the movie. TI is another chosen rapper who plays a movie executive. The two rappers make good additions to the cast, which also includes Keegan-Michael Key and Wesley Snipes. In 1999, Snoop also made a song called “Dolemite”, which appears on his album. No Limit Top Dogg, to honor the figure known as “the father of rap”.

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