Slopes are the main attraction in Snowtopia, but they can be difficult to build. Slopes must connect to an elevator and access point and cannot go uphill.

In SnowtopiaAs players manage the ski resort of their dreams, they must build slopes in a variety of difficulty levels to appease their guests and earn a better reputation. Snowtopia takes place in a set of beautiful alpine mountains that players must learn to adapt to. Instead of allowing a player to traverse the mountain to smooth it out and draw his perfect line, Snowtopia it requires players to be creative and build a resort that moves in harmony with its surroundings. Although the construction of slopes is the main attraction in Snowtopia, it can be difficult to get started.

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Players must choose locations that the available chairlift can reach. They will have to watch out for obstacles on the mountain and uphill places, as slopes cannot be built in these places. They will also need to design a variety of tracks to challenge their more seasoned visitors or risk receiving a lower reputation score and dealing with disgruntled guests. This will also make it difficult to recruit more volunteers to help with the growing business. While the game is in Early Access, it is not possible to edit a slope, so players will need to get creative with the controls and make sure to position them correctly the first time to avoid frustrations. Here’s how to build slopes in Snowtopia.

How to build slopes in Snowtopia

Players define the slopes in Snowtopia

Before building a slope, players will need to make sure to place some of the utility buildings near the entrance to their resort. There are three entrances regardless of the mountain the player chooses to work with. Players will need to set up the Builders’ Lodge and Snow Groomer Hangar first, followed by the Ski Patrol and Mechanic buildings. They will need to hire at least one volunteer for each to maintain their resort and keep the slopes safe and clean.

Next, players will need to set up an elevator. The lifts are located under the second button in the menu, and at the beginning, players have access to two options: a chairlift for one person and for two. Setting them up can be tricky as they will need to be connected through an access point, which is the little black nodes near the entrance. They cannot be placed on steep slopes and cannot be very long. Players may need to configure some of these and make sure they are connected for their guests to climb the mountain. Later in the game, they can use the Research Lab to upgrade their buildings and lifting capabilities, making it easier to build longer lift lines on the mountain.

Players will need to select a slope from the first button on the menu. There are three to choose from: Narrow, Normal, and Wide. Narrow slopes are the most difficult, while wide slopes are much easier to navigate.

Entrance to the resort in Snowtopia

The slope must be connected to the access points at the top and bottom of a chair lift, or at the top of a chair lift and the entrance. Players must start at the top of the elevator and click somewhere within the small square that is bounded by black nodes to begin their descent. They will then need to drag the cursor down the elevator. The track will light up in different colors to indicate the difficulty of various stages. Green is the easiest and most appropriate for novice skiers, and black is the most difficult and dangerous. A slope can have sections of various difficulties but will be classified as the difficulty to which you adhere most frequently.

Players can increase the difficulty of a slope by introducing curves. To do this, they can click at various points along the slope, then change direction with the cursor and click again. Typically steeper and narrower slopes with more curves are designated at more challenging levels. Often times, it is more about the location of the slope and the steepness than how many curves the player enters to increase the difficulty rating of a slope.

When players reach the end of the slope, they will need to click somewhere within the hotspots to complete it, then click the circle again to lock the slope in place and begin building. If players need to make changes, they will need to clear the entire slope and try again. This is especially true if the end of the slope does not reach the access point. Building another small piece of slope will cut through the entire bottom and prevent skiers from leaving the slopes and returning to the entrance.

An aerial view of the Snowtopia entrance and slopes.

It’s important to pay attention to the elevation lines, which are the swirling purple curves that will appear when a player tries to build something on the mountain. If the curves point upward, it indicates an uphill section of the mountain, and players will not be able to place a slope there. This can be especially tricky on the toughest mountains, as more intense elevation variations can create natural obstacles to building the perfect ski course. Players can build their slope through trees, but the big rocks will stop them.

As players become more comfortable with the building’s mechanics, they will be able to create more complicated circuits, comprising multiple elevators and multiple slopes of varying difficulty and connecting the three entrances. Because the tracks and facilities do not currently cost money, and there is no campaign or economy in the game, players are free to build their own network of lifts and tracks in exactly the way they want.

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Snowtopia is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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