Star Wars: 5 Sith Legends That Could Beat Kylo Ren (& 5 That Couldn’t)

Star Wars it’s full of great villains and while the sequels have their detractors, people of all opinions can agree that Kylo Ren was a great villain. As one of the main characters in the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren showed audiences just how evil he could be, as well as the downsides of the dark side. He was also a formidable warrior, defeating almost every enemy he encountered.

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However, when it comes to evil, the continuity of the Sith Lords of Legends were some of the deadliest villains. Star Wars fans had never seen. Armed with the power of the dark side of the Force, they were a terrible threat to everything they encountered, costing many lives across the galaxy.

10 Could beat Kylo Ren: Darth Krayt

Darth krayt

Darth Krayt began life as the Jedi of the Old Republic A’Sharad Hett, a Jedi Tusken Raider and son of Sharad Hett. He was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong on one of their initial evenings in the galaxy and freed by Vergere, a former Jedi and Sith apprentice who was hiding with the extragalactic aliens. He would form the One Sith, go into hibernation, and conquer the galaxy over a hundred years after the Battle of Endor.

Krayt was able to keep several powerful Sith in line through fear of his great power and is superior to Ren in every way. Kylo Ren would do his best, but it wouldn’t be enough.

9 Couldn’t beat Kylo Ren: Tahiri Veila

A Jedi of the New Republic, Tahiri Veila’s love was her downfall on the Sith path. He had fallen in love with Solo’s youngest son, Anakin, who was killed during the Yuuzhan Vong War. That love was used against her when Anakin’s older brother Jacen became a Sith Lord, manipulating her into becoming his apprentice. She would back down, but her time as a Sith marked her and caused a lot of trouble in her later life.

Tahiri is definitely more skilled with a lightsaber than Ren, but her greater Force powers will allow her to make up for that. The safety of her actions also gives her an advantage, as Tahiri was always in conflict during her time as a Sith. It would be a tough fight, but Ren would take it.

8 Could beat Kylo Ren: Emperor Vitiate

Emperor Vitiate was known as the Immortal Emperor and ruled the Sith Empire for millennia, using his vast power in the Force to consume the life force of others and gain a measure of immortality. Immensely powerful, Vitiate was a threat to the entire galaxy, leading the Sith forces against the Old Republic and crushing almost everything that stood in his way.

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Vitiate’s power in the Force was amazing and gives him a huge advantage over Kylo Ren. Ren has never faced a being as powerful or as skilled as Vitiate and would quickly fall before the immensely superior Immortal Emperor.

7 Kylo Ren couldn’t be beat: Githany


Githany was a member of Lord Kaan’s Brotherhood of Darkness. She trained alongside Darth Bane and was a master of the light whip. He tried to manipulate Bane most of the time by getting to know each other, nearly derailing his entire career as a Sith in order to achieve his ambitions. Bane was able to reject her and died along with the rest of the Brotherhood when Bane’s thought bomb was detonated.

Githany’s power in the Force was nothing special, but her choice of the light whip as a weapon made her a difficult foe to fight. This weapon would make the fight difficult for Ren, but his superior Force abilities and inherent toughness would allow him to win the day.

6 Could beat Kylo Ren: Darth Revan

Darth Revan was the Jedi general who saved the Old Republic from the Mandalorians and discovered the existence of the Sith Empire of Vitiate. He and his apprentice would go on a quest to gain more power, becoming the Sith in an effort to form an army that could rival Vitiate’s and would attempt to conquer known space in an effort to prepare. He would go through many twists and turns in his life, but would be defined by his time as a feared Sith Lord.

Revan is another Sith who is easily superior to Ren in almost every way. He was a highly successful combatant and general. He could defeat Ren in a fight or a fleet versus fleet battle or in any competition. He would triumph over the impetuous would-be Sith quickly and easily in any contest.

5 Couldn’t beat Kylo Ren: Darth Vectivus

Darth Vectivus was a little-known Sith Lord and of a different type from many of his peers. He used the dark side of the Force to secure his and his family’s place in the galaxy, running a successful mining company and not really meddling in the affairs of the Jedi. His time as a Sith was quite low-key and he died surrounded by friends and family.

Vectivus was not known for his prowess in combat. While his Force manipulating abilities were great, Kylo Ren could see through his powerful illusions and mind tricks with a little effort and use his increased combat skills to defeat the “good” Sith Lord.

4 Could beat Kylo Ren: Darth Caedus

Darth Caedus during a battle

Darth Caedus began life as Jacen Solo, one of Han and Leia’s twins and a great hero in his own right. However, the more power he gained, the more desperation he felt, as nothing he did really had an effect on making the galaxy safer. He embraced the path of the Sith to bring order and ended up becoming everything he used to fight against. He was also one of the most powerful Sith in history and a cunning warrior.

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Caedus is so much better in everything than Kylo Ren, so much so that Ren is more or less a pale shadow of him. Caedus would mop the floor with Kylo Ren, barely sweating from the fight. Ren simply couldn’t cope with Superior Son Solo’s increased power and ability.

3 Can’t beat Kylo Ren: Vergere

Vergere-vongmeet Star Wars

Vergere was one of Palpatine’s many secret apprentices, a Jedi who was preparing to take the place of his main apprentice in case they died. Basically, Palpatine was lousy with the Rule of Two. Once Dooku was chosen to take Maul’s place, Vergere ran in fear of being killed by Palpatine and investigated the Yuuzhan Vong on their first foray, joining them and returning home decades later when they finally invaded, deserting back to the people of his galaxy and planting the seeds of Jacen Solo’s downfall to the Sith.

Vergere was a skilled Jedi, but her dark side skills weren’t that great, as her Sith training was never completed. Ren could defeat her with some trouble.

2 Could beat Kylo Ren: Darth Bane

Darth Bane was the creator of the Rule of Two. Trained by Lord Kaan’s Brotherhood of Darkness, he felt they were too weak and destroyed them, rewriting the rules of the Sith forever. Bane’s Sith Order would succeed in overthrowing the Jedi and taking over the galaxy, all thanks to Bane’s example. One of the most formidable Sith of all, few were able to stand up to him.

Bane’s great power and skill advantage would allow him to easily beat Kylo Ren. His vast knowledge of ancient Sith techniques, combined with his almost incomparable lightsaber skill, would make the battle against Ren child’s play for him.

one Kylo Ren could not be defeated: Lord Kaan

Skere Kaan seated on a throne surrounded by Sith

Lord Kaan’s Brotherhood of Darkness fought the Republic and the Jedi to a stop, but Kaan’s teaching on brotherhood and cooperation weakens them. While Kaan was a cunning strategist and warrior, he was easily fooled by Darth Bane and it cost him everything.

Kaan would give Ren a great fight, but in the end he would fall to him. Kaan’s powers were great, but his time as an administrator damaged his connection to the dark side and this would give Kylo Ren the advantage he needed to defeat Kaan.

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