Star Wars Shooter Republic Classic Commando Leaked For Switch

The classic Star Wars Republic Commando shooter has been leaked for Switch, meaning that Nintendo fans will soon have the opportunity to visit a galaxy far away.

Star Wars: Republic Commando It is reported to be making a return and this time, it will be on the Nintendo Switch. This will be the first time the shooter has been on another platform outside of Xbox consoles and PC if the leak turns out to be true.

Star Wars: Republic Commando It was a grittier, darker look at Star Wars universe that was released just before Revenge of the Sith in 2005. The game sets some of the events seen in the George Lucas film, such as the Battle of Kashyyyk. The game came to a rather abrupt end, apparently simply setting up the last act of Revenge of the Sith, but a sequel was planned. It was never released and hopes for a sequel have waned over the years after EA’s exclusive reign of the franchise.

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With the news that Lucasfilm will allow new developers to explore the franchise, starting with Ubisoft, all hope may not be lost. A new filtered port of Star Wars: Republic Commando It could also be what it takes to rekindle the show’s fire. Nintendo all has reported that a port of the FPS was leaked on Nintendo’s servers, which likely means the game is gearing up for an official release on the console soon. The port is supposedly being developed by Aspyr Media, who have relaunched several other classics. Star Wars titles and will also make new versions of Knights of the Old Republic.

Republic Commando Star Wars

Aspyr Media seems to be doing a lot of work to allow newer generations to play some of these classic Star Wars games that would otherwise have been stuck on old consoles. It is unclear whether this potential port of Star Wars: Republic Commando It will also come to PlayStation and Xbox or if it will remain exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Command of the Republic It is currently available on Xbox via backward compatibility, but this new version would likely add some slight improvements as well as achievements / trophies. The game also has a multiplayer mode, but it is unknown if it will make it to this new relaunch.

Aspyr Media is also working through other Disney intellectual property. That cult classic was recently leaked Stubbs the Zombie would make a revival in March. The developer behind the game closed a while ago and the rights to its titles, such as Stubbs, returned to the Mouse. With Aspyr hard at work on multiple ports, it’s not hard to imagine fans could see even more classics besides Star Wars: Republic Commando in the next few months.

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Source: Nintendo all

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