In Star Wars Legends, Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis mastered an unorthodox Force power that could literally make you sick to your stomach.

Star Wars Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis, a devoted member of the Jedi High Council, was a master strategist during the era of the Republic and the Clone Wars. He spent much of the Clone Wars on Coruscant, where he coordinated Republic forces across the galaxy during major events such as the Defense of Kamino and the Battle of Zaadja. Rancisis was also a highly respected figure in the Republic, regularly conferring with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and serving on the Council of Reconciliation. But while Rancisis’s story is remarkable, he mastered a Force power even more impressive than these achievements.

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This Force power was known as Malacia. Originated in Star Wars Legends and is currently not canon; however, it is scary. Malacia can literally make the stomach churn, inducing severe dizziness and nausea in enemies by turning her balance against them, temporarily completely incapacitating the target.

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Rancisis was also a staunch defender of Malacia, despite its status as an unorthodox power. Despite not causing physical damage, some of its effects were so strong that it caused the targets to vomit. While Malacia completely weakened an enemy, it was not considered a Dark Side power because it did not damage the body and transformed the energy of a target instead of using the energy of the wielder.

At Ryder Windham’s Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the ForceRancisis cleverly explained that the technique simply disrupts regular biological processes by manipulating a target’s blood flow. According to the Jedi Master, the natural movements of an organism are already enough to cause nausea, but well-coordinated systems of the body prevent it. A disruption in this flow affects the body and mind at the same time, eliminating its target without causing permanent damage like the aggressive powers of the Dark Side Force.

“Imagine a sentry guarding a post that you must avoid,” explained Rancisis. “The sentry may be still, but his mind is alert and his systems are working. Everything is in motion. Blood flows, muscles tense, food is digested, and atmospheric gases are inhaled and exhaled. All that movement is sufficient. to make you dizzy and light-headed, and by focusing on that blood flow, you can make that happen.The sentry will be so overwhelmed that they will be incapacitated, but will not suffer permanent side effects.

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While Malacia had the support of Rancisis, the power was highly controversial among the Jedi Council, and was perceived by some as violent. Others disliked the fact that it only affected organic beings and preferred using Force Push or affecting the mind to achieve Malacia’s results. The only other known Jedi Master who had become accustomed to the technique during the Rancisis era was Plo Koon, although he never mastered Malacia as well as Rancisis. The use of power was also rare in the Old Republic; however, Jedi Master Asli Krimsan registered Malacia on her holocron.

Despite its divisive nature, Rancisis taught the practice for many decades and even recorded the practice on the Great Holocron in Legends. Virtually none of his students were capable of mastering the technique, but Rancisis’ teachings would eventually end up in the hands of the New Jedi Order. Jedi masters like Tionne Solusar thoroughly documented Rancisis, preventing Malacia from falling into darkness. While Rancisis’s efforts during the Clone Wars were ultimately futile, his teachings on Malacia helped keep his legacy alive.

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