Stellaris: Nemesis – YOU are Endgame’s new crisis

In Stellaris, empires can destroy planets. In the Nemesis expansion, it is possible to destroy entire star systems.

Paradox Interactive launched a Advance for an upcoming expansion of the hit grand galactic strategy game, Stellaris. The expansion is called Justice, and it promises to be another game changer. In the teaser, an intelligence officer from one Empire is spying on another, until an unidentified object suddenly shoots at the system star and seemingly destroys it.

Paradoxes development journal He explains that at a certain point, Empires can choose an Ascension buff called “Become the Crisis”, which allows players to become the newest crisis threatening the entire galaxy. The benefit is not available to any xenophile empire, pacifist or rogue servant. The AI ​​can also potentially select this buff, but is less likely to do so if another Empire already has it. Once this path has been chosen, however, it is all or nothing – players will not be able to focus any of their victory points towards other objectives.

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Once players choose this perk, a new UI tab will appear giving them crisis perks to work with. Threat is a special currency that can be obtained by performing various evil actions such as a Crisis, and players will need certain amounts of Threat to reach the next Crisis level.

Crisis perks include new ships such as the Menacing Corvette, Menacing Destroyer, Asteroid Cruiser, and Star Eater. Once players reach the final Crisis level, they will unlock the option to build a new megastructure called the Aetherophasic Engine. Exactly what this engine will do when complete is unknown, but it will likely spell trouble for the rest of the galaxy.

To build this engine, Crisis Empire will need to gather a ridiculous amount of dark matter, an extremely rare strategic resource that can normally only be found in some black hole systems. To more easily collect this resource, the Star-Eater ship is the answer. As well as being powerful enough to take on entire fleets on its own, the Star-Eater is capable of literally destroying the star of a system and collecting Dark Matter from its destruction.

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the Stellaris: Nemesis The expansion is planned to launch alongside Update 2.9 which hints at new espionage mechanics. In StellarisOnce players successfully contact an alien Empire, they instantly know everything there is to know about them. This includes the territory they control, which implies their citizenship and ethics, and even their total technological, economic and military power.

This expansion and the free update are meant to make it much more difficult to tell how powerful a player’s rivals are. After building a large enough spy network, some empires may even support insurgency movements against rivals, funding these rebels to build fleets and armies that will cause chaos behind the front lines. Paradox previously released a gameplay trailer of their Necroids species package, inadvertently revealing plans to add espionage in the future.

A number of small planetary and starbase buildings are also being added that are intended to rebalance population management in Stellaris. The regular planets are destined to get a new district option that focuses on the production of consumer goods and alloys. Previously, the only way to unlock this option was to transform a planet into an Ecumenopolis. It is also planned to add a Transit Hub building for star bases, which will automatically move pops or unemployed drones to other planets with job vacancies and living space.

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