Survivor: 10 Ozzy Quotes That Are Legendary

More than 40 seasons, Survivor has accumulated a multitude of iconic players whose names have been etched in the heads of fans over time. There are iconic winners like Sandra Diaz-Twine and Tony Vlachos and fan favorites who have come this close but never got the million dollars like Cirie Fields or Malcolm Freberg. Four-time player Ozzy Lusth falls into the second of those two categories. After his runner-up performance in season 13, Survivor: Cook Islands, Ozzy has returned three times, never reaching the end.

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However, it cannot be said that any of his periods on the show have been boring. While Ozzy’s strengths lie in physical play rather than social play, he has become a quote machine for fans. These legendary Ozzy-isms come from his four seasons and range from comic put-downs to emotional reflections on his time in the game.

10 420! – Cook Islands

Ozzy at Cook Islands Finale

The Survivor Auction is always an iconic challenge and Cook Islands‘auction is perhaps best remembered for the often-remembered moment when Ozzy gleefully offered $ 420 for ice cream. Not only did he win that offer, but he also won the hearts of America.

Years later, fans constantly used the gif of Ozzy excitedly shouting the humorous number. This moment shows Ozzy in his funniest form, allowing us to see a rare smile before the group of blind women that would define his later life. Survivor career.

9 I think it is poetry in the making. – Micronesia

Jeff with Immunity Idol on Survivor

Survivor: Micronesia contains some of the best Ozzy antics the show has to offer. Ozzy’s most legendary moment of the season, in fact, could be his creation of a fake immunity idol in the shape of a stick with a face carved into it. This fake manages to fool fan Jason Siska, and when Ozzy realizes that Jason must have found the idol, he delivers this hilarious and sinister line.

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Knowing now that Jason is actually trying to play fake idol to save himself from elimination, Ozzy’s date is even more fun. Not only is the fake idol great entertainment, but Ozzy knew even then that Jason’s downfall was going to be memorable. The line even inadvertently predicts Ozzy’s own ironic downfall when he doesn’t play his true idol in the next tribe.

8 It was stupid. It was unnecessary. It didn’t make any sense. – Game changers

Ozzy standing with tribemates from Game Changers

Ozzy’s fourth and final appearance (so far) in Survivor: Game changers It was not short of legendary Ozzy moments, despite its relatively low screen time. Ozzy’s frustrations with Tai Trang go back to the first episode when Tai tells Cirie Fields that Ozzy may not fully trust her. Tai threatens Ozzy’s game one more time later when he tells Jeff Varner that his close ally Sandra Diaz-Twine is the next to go.

This betrayal of the plan provokes Ozzy’s incendiary confessional. Survivor It can be a cruel and cruel game, and sometimes it’s the insults that become iconic. This Ozzy quote is an example of the emotions and value of entertainment held high.

7 So close, so far, once again. – South Pacific

Ozzy leaning against the bamboo in Survivor

These heartbreaking lines were pronounced towards the end of Ozzy’s third run in Survivor: South Pacific, where he managed to avoid two eliminations with the touch of Redemption Island. After his second return from Redemption, Ozzy was within an immunity challenge of the final tribal council and a shot at victory that had eluded him for so long.

However, the eventual winner of the season, Sophie Clarke, removed her immunity with an impressive puzzle performance. Although their fate would not be sealed until the tribal council that night, a resigned Ozzy spoke these immortal words shortly after Sophie gained immunity.

6 Good job guys. Good luck eating. – Game changers

Ozzy torch being extinguished

Ozzy was never afraid to bring up the fact that he supports his tribe. Countless times he has used his fishing and gathering skills as a way to convince his fellow tribesmen not to vote for him. When it was dumped in the early merger of Game changersHowever, Ozzy blatantly warned his tribe one last time of the mistake they were making.

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Officially out of the game, Ozzy came out with one last punch to those who took him by surprise. However, sadly for him, the tribe of seasoned players didn’t seem to miss his fishing much.

5 I think he might be the biggest idiot here. – Micronesia

In its Micronesia Jury speech to finalists Parvati Shallow and Amanda Kimmel, Ozzy took the time to profess his love for Amanda, with whom he had an affair for much of the game. First, however, he criticized Parvati for her backstabbing style of play.

Parvati was one of Ozzy’s closest friends on the island, and although he viewed most of his friends from a strategic perspective, he took his relationships in the game a little more seriously. Realizing his mistake of trusting Parvati, Ozzy uttered this line. A bit of a heartbreaker, a bit of criticism of Ozzy’s style of play, is still remembered to this day.

4 Everybody tries to play as a secret agent. There is espionage behind every coconut tree. – Game changers

Ozzy and Tribe at Tribe Swap at Game Changers

Survivor gamers love a good simile, and Ozzy is here at Game changers it is very memorable. In one of the most strategically complex seasons of Survivor, the paranoia of the game must have felt more real than ever.

The legendary status of this quote is increased by the fact that Ozzy says this in his last tribal council, as he was caught shortly after making the comment. His reading of the game was good in that regard, even if there wasn’t much he could do about it.

3 Come on, Jeff. That took hours to do. – Micronesia

Ozzy with Idol in Survivor

The saga of the false idol in Micronesia It’s probably what Ozzy is most remembered for in that season, and the moment Jason Siska tries to play the idol is the culmination of an epic tale of strategy and comedy. It all ends when Jeff Probst declares that the carved stick that Ozzy created is not a hidden immunity idol and throws it into the fire.

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Following the destruction of this work, Ozzy jokes with Jeff lamenting the amount of work he put into the obvious forgery. Fans still cite this line when referring to the stick saga and the shenanigans of fake idols in general, cementing its legendary status.

2 The mutineers are the first people to die, man. – Cook Islands

Three finalists from the Cook Islands in the Tribal Council

One of Ozzy’s most ruthless quotes is this threat made to Jonathan Penner and Candice Cody (née Woodcock) after the two left the Aitutaki tribe for the Rarotonga tribe as part of a turn of mutiny. Aitutaki then wins the next challenge, despite the apparent handicap, and Ozzy proudly drops this legendary line.

This iconic prediction didn’t turn out to be entirely true, as Penner and Candice would survive at least a few more eliminations each. However, Aitutaki’s remaining tribemates, including Ozzy, managed to outlive all of the Rarotonga members, making up the last four of Cook islands.

one But I enjoy the pressure to get back in the game … basically to get revenge. – South Pacific

When it looked like Christine Shields Markowski was going to make her way back from Redemption Island in South Pacific, the Savaii tribe was worried. A member of Upolu returning in the merger would be bad news for Ozzy’s tribe, placing them in the minority of voters. So, Ozzy hatched a plan: they would vote for him, he would go to Redemption Island and defeat Christine in the final duel.

However, this part of the strategy is often overshadowed in the fandom by Ozzy’s monologue on the duel, delivered in an effort to convince the Upolu tribe that he was not on good terms with his former tribe. The lengthy speech that resulted is legendary in its entirety, but it’s this melodramatic ending that is most cited by fans.

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