The Flash team is finally back together in the series’ new season 7 poster revealed ahead of its premiere next month.

The flash The team is back together in a newly released poster for the show’s upcoming season 7. The delay of The flash and all other Arrowverse series through 2021 were announced in May last year as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, the action is right around the corner, with The flash Season 7 will premiere next month.

Production in season 6 of The flash it was closed last year, ending the season with three short episodes. That season ended with some real issues for the Mirrorverse, a major conflict with Eva McCulloch and the disappearance of Joseph Carver, among many other story arcs that have yet to reach a resolution. The flash Showrunner Eric Wallace previously revealed that those bows will be collected and added to the format of The flash season 7.

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After months of waiting for those resolutions, viewers won’t have to wait much longer as the officer released a new poster for season 7. The flash Twitter account. The flash The team is back, and as the poster mentions, the action will finally continue on March 2. The team looks strong, united and ready to face the dark crisis that is coming. The poster also highlights “the future favors fasting,” hopefully bodes well for season 7. Check out the new poster below:

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The team has a lot to attend to in the new season, like the fate of Iris West. Another season 7 poster for The flash It was also released earlier this year with Iris in focus. Iris was a character who got caught up in the Mirrorverse last season. With Iris on the poster, it shows that her luck will change in season 7. Viewers will also find out more about the truth about Mirror Mistress and the shenanigans she did last season.

The release of the season 7 poster brings an additional level of excitement, as it has been nearly a year since the end of the last season. Seeing the team together in the vivid new poster is reason to celebrate, but it also makes it harder to wait even one more minute for the show’s return. It’s never easy to have unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts in a series, especially on shows like The flash they are full of excitement and enthusiasm. Hopefully, the season 7 premiere delivers a satisfying resolution while teasing new mysteries to come. Season 7 will finally premiere on The CW on March 2.

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